Monday, July 21, 2014

AndThisLittlePigsaid OMG!


I can't believe it has been since the end of January... slack Libbie.

Not much going on, no stitching, but a little craft.
A little knitting, this is 'tube' knit on two needles... Thank God for Youtube
New Fabric for a baby quilt for a young friends new baby boy.
A little bit of Australian bird life... Kookaburra
One of Quincy's puppies (Evie's granddaughter) now nearly 7 months old, this is Harriet giving you all the green eye, chocolate Long Dogs eyes are green.

The exciting news, Katie gave birth to five beautiful healthy puppies, 4 on the 4th of July and 1 on the 5th.
Girl, boy, girl, boy, girl.
Bridget, Vin Diesel, Carlee, Lump & Kinky
Katie pre-birth (Maud & Nellie behind)
Katie post-birth, yes I know black puppies on black doesn't work that well.
She loves them.
Puppy pile... Orange doesn't work that well either too bright.
Lastly this is little Kinky born on the 5th, her tail was folded under, so it has this cute little kink :@

So until next time... Libbie :@ (Whose byline is getting longer and longer)
The Pirate Meah Moo, Quincy, Katie, Pippie, Edith, Nellie, Harriet, Maud plus Five

PS I am on the record that none of Katie's puppies are staying, Kinky already has her forever home and it's local.