Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day-Wednesday

Yes it's Cow-Day-Wednesday :@
Now isn't this the saddest face you have ever seen?
Yep she's still there...
I'll just hide again...

Yes I have been stitching, and update in a day or two, Crazy still on track... mostly :@

Catch up with you all later... LiBBiE in Oz

Monday, January 9, 2012

And This Little Pig said Crazies 2012 + Special Gift

Oh I don't know if I've ever been this unorganised! Well at least with my stitching, but I have managed (so far) to keep on track with my Crazies :@
Day 2 – LHN 2011 Ornament of the Month 01 Cardinal Winter
Day 3 – LHN 2011 Ornament of the Month 02 Bringing Home the Tree
Day 5 – LHN 2011 Ornament of the Month 04 Gingerbread Village
Day 6 – LHN 2011 Ornament of the Month 05 Silent Night
Day 7 – LHN 2011 Ornament of the Month 06 Pine Tree Inn
Day 8 – LHN 2011 Ornament of the Month 07 Baked Goods

Have yet to start Day 9, but I will get it started, even if it is just 1 stitch, as I am going out for dinner tonight.

Day 10 is my biggie for the year, PSS The Flood, and I am still to choose the fabric and then dye it!!!!! And the only reason it is in the middle of the LHN Ornament of the Month 2011, is because I am still waiting for the patterns to come. See told you I was unorganised.

Maybe now is the time to start praying to my new little pig.
And look she is laughing at me :@
My friend Sue is in China at the moment, will be there on and off for the next two years, her boy's went to visit for Christmas, and this is what Jacob dropped off to me this past weekend. Isn't it a lovely little box, with a beautiful pheasant on the top.
But the surprise did not stop there, inside was my very own Chinese Pig, from China :@

Catch up with you all later... LiBBiE in Oz

Thursday, January 5, 2012

And This Little Pig said Special Day + Crazy 2012

First to start off on a very different note, for those of you overseas, well mainly in the US, cricket in Australia is a national past time in summer. Think of baseball, but not really :@ a Test Match can go for 5 days, and while it can finish earlier, it never goes longer than 5 days.

Today is 3rd day of the 'New Year Test' the Sydney Test Match, at the Sydney Cricket Ground, this year we are playing India.

The 3rd day of this Test is a very special day, as it is Jane McGrath Foundation Day.

Jane was an English girl who was married to one of our greatest test bowlers (pitcher) Glenn McGrath. At age 31 she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer this wiki link partly explains her courageous story. She and Glenn married and had two beautiful children.

So back to the 3rd day of the Test Match, a big fundraising day for the McGrath Foundation, it is also a day when the Cricket ground and everyone who attends the game, wears pink, pink clothing, pick shoes, pink hats, pink bandanas and pink hair. It is a day filled with fun and laughter in memory of a very special woman.
To make today an even greater day, the Captain of the Australian Cricket Team, Michael Clarke scored 329 runs not out. I know most of you don't understand this, but let me tell you it is a huge thing to score 100 runs, is consider a great feat let along scoring 300 runs in an innings. And as Jane's best friend said at the end of today's play, the score was 90% talent, and 10% Jane.
Michael Clarke after reaching 300 runs.

So today share a thought for an extraordinary woman, who was not only beautiful on the outside, but had a most beautiful soul. Battled bravely an awful disease, with style and class, and why she did not win the battle, through the Foundation and the sheer determination she showed in life, Jane continues to strongly fight the war. She will forever be imprinted on the heart of the Australian people.
I promised a Crazy Challenge update, so 10 of the Crazies I will be stitching this year.
Day 1 Plum Street Samplers - Sophie's Sheep, stitched on 28 count linen.

Now silly me remembered my camera today, but left Day 2 LHN 2011 Ornaments Cardinal's Winter and Day 3 LHN 2011 Ornaments Bringing Home the Tree starts at home, will have to photograph tomorrow.
Day 4 Little House Needleworks 2011 Ornaments Deck the Halls, 32 count Belfast Linen, hand dyed with Parisienne Essence, double dipped.

I finally decided on Crazy No 15 Little House Needleworks Warm Winter Woolens, seem to have a think for sheep this year :@

Catch up with you all later... LiBBiE in Oz

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day-Wednesday

Well the first Cow-Day-Wednesday for 2012, and today was the hottest day of summer so far, 39-40C (102-104F), and I forgot my camera, so photos of cows from Christmas at home, with a few more farm photos.
Remember last year, I brought a jersey cow for Mum, well Dad paid for her, and I hadn't taken a photo. Well this is Alan :@ and she has put on weight, the bonus, we think she is in calf.
Alan has settled in really well, and she has been a real find, a lovely quiet girl. It took a couple of weeks for her lose the dairy herd mentality, and would follow Mum everywhere... then the old Jersey Miss calved and came up to the house paddock to feed calves, and Alan is now in Jersey cow heaven, she just loves the old girl.
The old girl... Miss will be 10 this year.
Miss' Lowline calf Ferrari, he loves doing fast laps around the paddock, he was hiding behind a 'big' bush so I couldn't see him.
The Chinese Geese had excess eggs this year, so Mum set some under the blue muscovy duck and she hatched out three gosling.
They are beyond cute, and nearly impossible to photograph, as she kept getting between me an 'her' babies.

Have started the 2012 Crazy January Challenge, right on schedule and started Day 4 today, will take piccies tomorrow.

Seeya soon LiBBiE in Oz