Sunday, December 16, 2012

And This Little Pig said Then There Was One & A Giveaway of Sorts

Yes all my puppies are gone to their new homes, except our little girl. The boys ended up with the following names... Stanley, Frank, Max, Rosco, Cooper and Cruz. For the life of me I cannot come up with a name for her, Puppy and Baby which is what she is being called at the moment.

So I need help, inspiration in naming my little angel, but first some photos to help with your suggestions.

On her new bean bag bed that we made for her today, yes she helped by lying on the foot pedal of my Pfaff
 Are these not the best puppy dog eyes... ever
 I'm Awake
Discarding her new toy for an old one of the big girls
What? I can play with what I want.
So competition/giveaway, leave a suggestion for her name, and the winning entry will be drawn by the wonderful Meah, will receive the following, a 12" cushion cover with a Dachshund, not the one below, a little dark, will go through my fabric stash and come up with something bright. The winning entry drawn will not necessarily be her name, but really am in desperate need for inspiration.
Will draw in the New Year, 1st or 2nd. So spread the word, don't need to be a follower.... just HELP!!!

Hey DJ, missed you all in the blogging world.

See you next time... LiBBiE in Oz :@

Thursday, October 25, 2012

And This Little Pig said Pups & An Exchange

Evie is such a laid back mum.
All of the Magnificent 7 pictured. Can you find them all?
 My black and cream boy, just like his big sister Podge. 
 Podge taking a look over the side of the whelping 
box. My God 6 boys!
 Podge checking out the brothers & sister, under the watchful eye of Evie.
 Two black & creams together.
Friendly Stitchers Fall Exchange this is what I sent to Mary in France.
And the beautiful exchange I received from Mary, 
which sits proudly on top of  my bookcase.

Well, I'll try and post tomorrow, but Sue and I are off to see Ben Affleck's new film "Argo", can't wait.

See you next time... LiBBiE in Oz :@

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And This Little Pig said Puppies Day 2 & 3 & 5

Yes I am behind, in just about everything, 
the pups are now 9 days, there eyes are 
starting to split and will be starting to open
in the next couple of days. 
Photo above, two days old.
 Mum! Please! People are watching!
 Two days old. 
 Our girl is a little cheeky :@
 Three days old, and all snuggled in together.
It's spring here in Oz, and we are going from high 30's C back down to near 0.
Five days, and yes she is still poking her tongue out.
Meah finally getting a chance to check out the new 
house members, she waited for Evie to go 
out to the little girls room.
I think she believes that if she stares at them long enough...
...they will go away :@

So tomorrow will have... wait for it... more puppy photos, and photos of an exchange, received and sent.

See you next time... LiBBiE in Oz

Monday, October 15, 2012

And This Little Pig said New Puppies!

Yes we have been keeping a secret, but first Mary this is the reason your exchange was not posted today.
Seven Little Bundles of Joy
 This was Evie last night, with her not happy face :(
 I left for work this morning at 8.30am, to quickly do a few things and go back home. I thought she was only in the early stages of labour, if that. As what always happens a few things came up to do, so I didn't get back  home until just before 11.30am to six puppies. SIX! 
 Tonight all lined up, it goes like this... Boy, Boy, Boy, Boy, Boy, Boy & Girl
Yes you did read that right 7 puppies - 6 boys and 1 girl! She is chocolate.

Anyway yes I have been worried, as Evie was so big this time, I really thought we were heading for a Caesarean, but she came through like a trooper. 

Meah is quite funny she gets all upset if the puppies whinge, Quincy is quite jealous, and Podge is very intrigued, she was really funny when I put the whelping box up in the kitchen last week, she walked straight in laid down and went to sleep, as if to say I know this, it's hard to believe that it has been 20 months since I have had litter of puppies.

Now you can all look forward to weeks and weeks of puppy photos :@ The other pups I have been babysitting get their 2nd needle tomorrow, and will leave a few days after that, well except for Ezri.

Mary your exchange will be in the post tomorrow, and yes your parcel arrived today, it is beautiful, thank you, and will put photos up tomorrow, between pup shots.

See you next time... LiBBiE in Oz

Friday, September 28, 2012

And This Little Pig said Meet... Lota Photos

 Ezri Dax & Flynn (as in Errol)
 This is Ezri, and I am in a lot of trouble, as I have totally fallen in love with this little terror.
For starters she is a mating that I told her breeder never to do, which is a dapple to dapple mating as sometimes it doesn't work, well both Ez and her brother are deaf. Ez really can't here a thing, her brother does have a low range of hearing. BUT...
And this is a big but, in Oz we are not allowed to register (pedigree) excess white puppies (this is where the deafness comes from), a small spot on the chest is alright, half the head, her throat, chest, belly and all four feet and legs, white tip on tail...Definite no no. Anyway doesn't stop her being a beautiful puppy, who is always looking for me.
Trouble... Yep... Trouble.
I'm telling you, I can see a white rabbit!
  Now this is Flynn, he is Ez's half brother, same dad, and he will be staying with me, to see how he grows.
He's old green eyes, not blue.
 Blue eyes, and a love of camera straps.
 Same for Flynn, can you see his dapple coloured belly, it goes up his chest to the base of his throat.
 Ezri practising her freeze shot
 Stop! Please no more photos.
 Sitting still for all of five seconds.
 Flynn is a little more content to sit around.
Can you say Mummy's Boy?

The good news, all seven, yes that's right I am babysitting seven at the moment, not five. Flynn, his three brothers and one sister, Ezri with her brother, they are about 10 days younger, have all had their needles on Wednesday, and so far no sick puppies. All happy, bouncy, eating and yapping. So fingers crossed, things continue to go alright.

See you next time, there might even be some stitching :@ LiBBiE in Oz

Thursday, September 27, 2012

And This Little Pig said No Cow-Day BUT...

 Hatched this morning.
 Not sure if the other six eggs will hatch.
Mum and Dad are called Max and Millie, they are white Call Ducks (bantam/small ducks).

Tomorrow there will be puppy photos.

See you next time... LiBBiE in Oz

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day Wednesday

 More Noses
 One More
It's all in the Eye

Well my home computer is back home :@ Not a virus, thankfully, the 'processor' went kaput, so the hard drive has been replace, more space, nothing lost. So now I have to find all my ancillary programs to put back on.

Currently planning an Autumn Exchange on Friendly Stitchers-UK finally settled on a design for my Swap

Took photos of Flower's pups at the weekend, will try and get them up tomorrow, along with some fabric for a new quilt I have planned. Home to the family farm for an extended weekend, taking the pups with me.

See you next time... LiBBiE in Oz