Friday, September 28, 2012

And This Little Pig said Meet... Lota Photos

 Ezri Dax & Flynn (as in Errol)
 This is Ezri, and I am in a lot of trouble, as I have totally fallen in love with this little terror.
For starters she is a mating that I told her breeder never to do, which is a dapple to dapple mating as sometimes it doesn't work, well both Ez and her brother are deaf. Ez really can't here a thing, her brother does have a low range of hearing. BUT...
And this is a big but, in Oz we are not allowed to register (pedigree) excess white puppies (this is where the deafness comes from), a small spot on the chest is alright, half the head, her throat, chest, belly and all four feet and legs, white tip on tail...Definite no no. Anyway doesn't stop her being a beautiful puppy, who is always looking for me.
Trouble... Yep... Trouble.
I'm telling you, I can see a white rabbit!
  Now this is Flynn, he is Ez's half brother, same dad, and he will be staying with me, to see how he grows.
He's old green eyes, not blue.
 Blue eyes, and a love of camera straps.
 Same for Flynn, can you see his dapple coloured belly, it goes up his chest to the base of his throat.
 Ezri practising her freeze shot
 Stop! Please no more photos.
 Sitting still for all of five seconds.
 Flynn is a little more content to sit around.
Can you say Mummy's Boy?

The good news, all seven, yes that's right I am babysitting seven at the moment, not five. Flynn, his three brothers and one sister, Ezri with her brother, they are about 10 days younger, have all had their needles on Wednesday, and so far no sick puppies. All happy, bouncy, eating and yapping. So fingers crossed, things continue to go alright.

See you next time, there might even be some stitching :@ LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Morning cuteness! :)

    Have a day full of doggies!

    The Goat Borrower

  2. aww cuteeeeeeeeeeeee
    sweet doggies..
    big kisses xxx

  3. OMG, they are sooooo cute!!!! I'm so glad to hear the vaccinations went well with no problems. Whew!!!! So what are the chances of Ezri or Flynn becoming permanent fixtures in your home? :D Adorable!!!!

  4. They don't get much cuter, do they?! I just want to love on them.

  5. Awww...what adorable pups!! I can see Ezri crawling into your heart...I wouldn't have the heart to give any of them away!! Pups are so much fun...but so much work!! Have fun with your new little charges! *Hugs*

  6. They are so cute, I could not part with any of them

  7. Very cute! Puppies are such fun. I'm glad they're all healthy and happy.

  8. Ezri Dax!!! HAHAHAHAHA. Someone's a DS9 fan. :D

    The puppies are adorable!!!

  9. So so cute..I LOVE them all.. *smiling*