Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And This Little Pig said Show Results

As mentioned in my previous post, I was going to give you all a run down of our results from my local ag show. So... Northern Agricultural Association Show September 25, 2010.

Senior Champion Dairy Doe - Toggalong Shenika (Anglo Nubian)
Junior Champion Dairy Doe - Toggalong Callee (Saanen)
Reserve Junior Champion Dairy Doe - Toggalong Sailah (Anglo Nubian)
Champion Doe Kid - Toggalong Cyerra (Saanen)
Champion Buck - Toggalong Sailor (Anglo Nubian) This is Sailor's photo from February 2010 where he was Champion Buck at 4.5 months, so just imagine him 7.5 months older :D As I was handling him, no one took his photo, and yes that is his sister Sai-Lah above as Res Jnr Champ Doe. Sailor and Sai-Lah :)
Champion Dairy Doe and Supreme Exhibit in Show - Toggalong Shenika
Shenika giving her impression of regal and elegant. With the proud high head carriage as per the breed standard.
In Australian terms, she is only a baby, at 2 years and 1 month, kidded one month, and on her first kidding. She was up against older does. She also collected 2nd in Best Udder 1st lactation, being beaten by one of our Saanen's Toggalong Ethena, who went on to win Best Udder overall. 
To say we were utterly shocked is an understatement, and it only after looking at the photos that we went... "Whoa, didn't realised she looked like that!" That's the nice problem, when you are seeing them every day, you just don't realise. Oh and by the way, we consider her a 'small' doe in our herd.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

And This Little Pig said I'm Back....

I'm back! Life has been busy, our local agricultural show was on at the end of September, and I am on the committee, keep telling myself that this year is the last, and I am going to resign, in all fairness I have been on committee for close to 20 years, just have to wait and see what happens.

Aside from running the Dairy Goat section of the show, and serving on the bistro and bar, myself and another dear lady do all the schedules, this was our 8th year. And while it is a lot easier than when we first started, it still takes anything from eight to ten weeks (weekends) out of our lives. There are 18 sections to produce along with a full schedule. We winge and whine every year, but we do have fun.

Mum came down for the show, I will put pictures up tomorrow, with our results.

Then we had a holiday weekend, so I off I went to Mum's. Which involved the following... goats, pick up hay, kids, unload hay, goats feet, chickens and a 24 hour milk production test for our milk awards, then back home and back to work for a rest.

I have joined the Little House Needlework SAL for Diane's Family Sampler, and my pattern and Crescent Colours floss arrived last week, I am so excited, this is my first LHN.

Like all LHN patterns it is just beautiful, but with this one you get to personalise to fit your family. I have had a wonderful time working out how to fit everything in. Graph paper, pencils and eraser has gotten quite a work out. I think I have got it just right.

Finally this weekend I sat down and started, my fingers are just itching to go back to it.
Also spring is in the air, and my roses have finally started to open. Three weeks too late for the show. I won Champion Rose last year, and this year didn't have a single flower out to enter, but they are just beautiful. Well as long as you don't count the sooty mold, which has been a bugger to get on top of this year :(

The results have been worth the wait.

Red Vase - red rose is Topsy Turvy, red and white stripe Scentimental (my fav) and the red with red strip in the middle Red Intuition.
A new rose from last year, this is a French Delbard rose Alfred Sisley, part of their Painter series.
And two macros--Centre
And petal edge