Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And This Little Pig said Show Results

As mentioned in my previous post, I was going to give you all a run down of our results from my local ag show. So... Northern Agricultural Association Show September 25, 2010.

Senior Champion Dairy Doe - Toggalong Shenika (Anglo Nubian)
Junior Champion Dairy Doe - Toggalong Callee (Saanen)
Reserve Junior Champion Dairy Doe - Toggalong Sailah (Anglo Nubian)
Champion Doe Kid - Toggalong Cyerra (Saanen)
Champion Buck - Toggalong Sailor (Anglo Nubian) This is Sailor's photo from February 2010 where he was Champion Buck at 4.5 months, so just imagine him 7.5 months older :D As I was handling him, no one took his photo, and yes that is his sister Sai-Lah above as Res Jnr Champ Doe. Sailor and Sai-Lah :)
Champion Dairy Doe and Supreme Exhibit in Show - Toggalong Shenika
Shenika giving her impression of regal and elegant. With the proud high head carriage as per the breed standard.
In Australian terms, she is only a baby, at 2 years and 1 month, kidded one month, and on her first kidding. She was up against older does. She also collected 2nd in Best Udder 1st lactation, being beaten by one of our Saanen's Toggalong Ethena, who went on to win Best Udder overall. 
To say we were utterly shocked is an understatement, and it only after looking at the photos that we went... "Whoa, didn't realised she looked like that!" That's the nice problem, when you are seeing them every day, you just don't realise. Oh and by the way, we consider her a 'small' doe in our herd.


  1. What a facinating life you lead....the goats are so cute. I am new to blogging and happy to visit and meet new and interesting people. I liked the bookmark exchange gifts....I have not had the privilage to join one yet...hope too in the near future. I enjoyed my visit with you!

  2. I am so far behind on blog reading but trying to get caught up.

    Congrats on all the fabulous wins!! Wow. just look at all those ribbons! I know nothing about goats except that they are bigger than my Rory. :)

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