Sunday, December 16, 2012

And This Little Pig said Then There Was One & A Giveaway of Sorts

Yes all my puppies are gone to their new homes, except our little girl. The boys ended up with the following names... Stanley, Frank, Max, Rosco, Cooper and Cruz. For the life of me I cannot come up with a name for her, Puppy and Baby which is what she is being called at the moment.

So I need help, inspiration in naming my little angel, but first some photos to help with your suggestions.

On her new bean bag bed that we made for her today, yes she helped by lying on the foot pedal of my Pfaff
 Are these not the best puppy dog eyes... ever
 I'm Awake
Discarding her new toy for an old one of the big girls
What? I can play with what I want.
So competition/giveaway, leave a suggestion for her name, and the winning entry will be drawn by the wonderful Meah, will receive the following, a 12" cushion cover with a Dachshund, not the one below, a little dark, will go through my fabric stash and come up with something bright. The winning entry drawn will not necessarily be her name, but really am in desperate need for inspiration.
Will draw in the New Year, 1st or 2nd. So spread the word, don't need to be a follower.... just HELP!!!

Hey DJ, missed you all in the blogging world.

See you next time... LiBBiE in Oz :@