Sunday, December 16, 2012

And This Little Pig said Then There Was One & A Giveaway of Sorts

Yes all my puppies are gone to their new homes, except our little girl. The boys ended up with the following names... Stanley, Frank, Max, Rosco, Cooper and Cruz. For the life of me I cannot come up with a name for her, Puppy and Baby which is what she is being called at the moment.

So I need help, inspiration in naming my little angel, but first some photos to help with your suggestions.

On her new bean bag bed that we made for her today, yes she helped by lying on the foot pedal of my Pfaff
 Are these not the best puppy dog eyes... ever
 I'm Awake
Discarding her new toy for an old one of the big girls
What? I can play with what I want.
So competition/giveaway, leave a suggestion for her name, and the winning entry will be drawn by the wonderful Meah, will receive the following, a 12" cushion cover with a Dachshund, not the one below, a little dark, will go through my fabric stash and come up with something bright. The winning entry drawn will not necessarily be her name, but really am in desperate need for inspiration.
Will draw in the New Year, 1st or 2nd. So spread the word, don't need to be a follower.... just HELP!!!

Hey DJ, missed you all in the blogging world.

See you next time... LiBBiE in Oz :@


  1. Dutchess seems fitting the way she's laying so regally on her pillow

  2. Well, you called her an angel, so what about Angel? Or Angela? She is sooooo adorable! I love the names the boys got. Stanley is somehow so cute for a little pup!

  3. Your photos make her seem very chocolate coloured, so Godiva was my first thought. :) I also like Alice and Carmella (caramel!)

  4. Hello!
    Here are my suggestions:
    Tootsie Roll (call her Tootsie),
    Roxanne (call her Roxie),
    & Brandi.


  5. Merry Christmas Libbie to you and your family!
    So nice to see you blogging again.

    It must be quiet will all the puppies off to new homes.

    As for your little girl, how about Leeta Princess or LP for short.

    Thanks for sharing your photos.

  6. is my husband Dennis' birthday. He took one look at her and said Gretchen..we just lost his Baby Girl Zoe a week ago and I was surprised that he would even comment when he saw "Gretchen".

  7. Our puppy is 18 months old now and half the time I still call him baby. My suggestions are Pippa (as in Pippa puppy), and Daisy (as in Daisy dachsund). I just like alliteration. Also, as she is rather beautiful how about Belle/Bella which the french/italian versions of beautiful.

  8. What a sweet girl. How about Dolce? Sweet in Italian.

  9. awwww shes a "Maisie" for sure .... look at those green eyes .... love mouse xxxxx

  10. Good grief!! I may have just gone into a cute coma. Being the "mom" of two doxies, I just can't see a doxies puppy picture without squee'ing out loud :). SO CUTE!!!

    She looks like an Edith (German Queen) to me. Or maybe Sprout!

  11. How about Soleil (pronounced so-lay)? It's my daughter's middle name. It is French for "sun" (as in Cirque du Soleil).

  12. Stella is a good name , of course. I must say though I call her Bella most of the time. Bella would be a great name.

  13. She is so pretty, you could sink intoher eyes. How about Bruna

  14. She looks so sweet laying there. How about Candy or Sugar

  15. I like Moxie for a name...when I said that...DH said Moxie, the Doxie. She sure is a sweetie...Good to see you posting again, and you're right, I need to post on my blog. I was just concerned about you. *Hugs*

  16. She is adorable...
    How about the names...

  17. Oh how I love that little face..we are wiener dog people.We have a miniature red female and her name is Merriweather..How about little Dickens for her name..

  18. You probably have a name by now. I suggest Cocoa! She looks like nice dark hot chocolate!
    Hope all is well in the little family. Read the entry about the "dust up" in the clan.