Saturday, March 2, 2013

And This Little Pig said Long Time

Warning some of the photos below are distressing!

Yes this is my first post for 2013, and to say it has not been a great start is an understatement :-(

It started at the end of 2012, with a lot of things going on family wise, I was extremely late for an Exchange, on the Friendly Stitchers group, but thanks to wonderful Owners/Mods Gillie & Mouse an a great exchange partner Lynda I completed the exchange very late, and received a beautiful ornament in return.

Haven't stitch one single stitch in 2013, not a one! Haven't blogged, haven't even had the chance or shamefully the desire to read blogs. Hardly taken a photo, and definitely no Cow Day Wednesday.

And I have left a give-away hanging.

Just this last week the desire has started to return, flipped around a few blogs, tried to catch up group emails, the fingers have started to itch, and thought must finalize the naming of the 'Baby' give-away.

Well on Wednesday my day, my week, my month went to hell in a hand basket.
Don't they look so innocent Podge, Baby, Quincy and Evie, like butter won't melt in their mouths.

Wednesday evening was like any other, home after work, the girls all out for a run, and thanks to daylight savings, a chance to mow before we got even more rain, (4 1/2 inches in the last 48 hours alone, river in flood at the moment).

Below is the result of what has been brewing for the last three months, again I will warn you not pretty, but everyone is fine or going to be.

I had stopped the mower to empty the catcher, wet grass and all, thank God, and things were very quiet, no one was at the side fence (Meah) watching me... silence... called... no-one came, called again. Then I ran...
This is what greeted me when I ran round to the gate, my poor Meah hobbling through the carport, and not a Long Dog in sight! Above at the Vets, my very wonderful Vets.
Meah stayed overnight, and was operated on Thursday morning, no broken bones, wounds cleaned and stitched, three drains turned out to be four drains, and here she is wearing a compression bandage, to stop the wound under her left front from sucking up air. Picked her up Thursday night. Above is Friday morning.
These next two are today after I took the compression bandage off, oh and four drains became five, found this shoulder one under the bandage.
My Meah is very sore and sorry for herself, I don't blame the Long Dogs, this has been brewing between Meah and Quincy for a couple of months and I left them with no direct supervision for too long, and knowing Meah she started it with a snap or a growl as she ran pass Quincy, that is just her feisty, so when it started Evie more than likely joined in, and while Meah can hold her own against one Long Dog, she can't against two or three, I don't think Podge joined in, but at this point all I can say for sure is that the Baby wasn't involved.. It is pack nature... wolves or dogs this is the order of things, Quincy wants to move up to top dog, and Meah is in her way. Needless to say they will never be allowed all together again... alone... ever!

So the next couple of weeks are going to be very hectic, Meah has her drains out on Monday, her stitches out next Saturday, my Em gets married Saturday as well, she is the closes thing I have to a daughter, the weekend after that I get to help prepare a team of dairy goats to take Sydney Royal Easter Show (major state fair) Then I get to take them to the Show, for five days without Mum, so......

Sometime after Easter I will wind up the Baby Naming Giveaway... yes she does have a name.

Oh and I've hurt my knee.

See you next time... hopefully soon... Libbie in Oz


  1. Oh my gosh! Poor Meah! :( I hope she heals quickly -- definitely keep her away from the long dogs. Dear dear. Sorry about your knee too. Sorry for the bad start to the year, sounds like you've been busy beyond words. It's good to see a post from you, but not good to see poor Meah hurt. No worries on the giveaway. We understand. Life gets in the way sometimes.

  2. Oh Dear Libbie! I'm so sorry for all your troubles. Poor Meah, I'm sure that must have been heartbreaking to see her like that, but thank heavens she'll be well soon!! I've wondered where you've been, so glad to finally hear news from you. Please don't leave us hanging for so long again!! *Hugs* I've missed you!!

  3. Oh! You must have been terrified when you saw her! : ( I'm so glad that she will heal, and I have a feeling that there are some long dogs in the doghouse!! I hope your knee feels better soon, and that things settle down there a little!!


  4. All I can say is Oh My Goodness! Hope things get better real soon.

  5. Poor doggie! Lots of gentle petting for her!

    - Lisa N.

  6. Oh dear, poor thing...hopefully life will settle soon!

  7. Oh my dear. Poor them, poor you. Big, very gentle, hugs to you all.

  8. Por thing..hope all goes well and she quickly recovers!

  9. It can only get better from here. I am glad that Meah is on the mend. Glad that you are blogging again and hopefully your knee is also on the mend.

  10. Oh no, so very sorry for all the heartache and pain. I am hoping and praying that all will be right soon. Liz

  11. Oh bless her, it looks very nasty. A good vet is a godsend, we are so grateful for ours.

  12. Oh poor Meah. Hope shes running around again soon.

  13. Poor Meah! I'm glad she's on the mend and hope she's much better soon.

    I hope you knee gets better soon too.

  14. Oh no! Poor Meah! I'm glad she's going to be okay, but how traumatic for her and you! Good grief... hope your knee improves as well.

  15. Hope Meah is on the mend. So sorry you've had to deal with all of this. Hope your knee is improving.

  16. So sorry to hear Meah got hurt so badly. Glad she will fully recover. Will pray for fast healing of her as well as your knee. Congratulations to the bride and groom!

  17. You've been having a rough time. Hope Meah is mending well and your knee is getting better.

  18. So sorry about Meah. Hope she heals completely.