Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The heading alone will tell you this isn't going to be good.

I've been gone from blogging and cross stitch for several months, just real life and such. I am yet to stitch a single stitch this year, and can see that going on for the foreseeable future. I stop in and check out my groups occasionally and a few blogs.

But things in my life have come to a screeching halt, my devastation and grief is so raw. Below will explain to some degree I still can't fathom it in my mind.

What you are about to read was written nearly a month ago in the early hours of the morning on one of many sleepless nights...

Please understand if I don't respond.
The Innocent
Evie, Ava, Podge

These are the faces of the innocent. Look at them and you tell me what harm have they ever done?

Every year around this time between August and September I take a week off work and come to Tamworth to visit my parents. My dogs always come with me. Evie, Quincy, Podge and this year little Ava.

For a week these spoilt four get to rough it a little in the country. They get to live in a big enclosed run with a kennel and plenty of blankets.

With early morning runs before the chooks are let out. Town dogs and chooks don't mix.

They run and play in the crisp morning air, smelling things I'm sure they dream all year of doing. Horse and cow manure, the chooks and the ducks. Maybe even pick up the scent of a rabbit or a fox.

Before being safely locked back up. Secure.

Well on Sunday 4 August, everything was not safe. A person or persons unknown had thrown baits over the front boundary fence of my parent's and neighbouring property.

At 1pm we received a phone call from the frantic neighbour one of her dogs was dead, the other dying, the second dog died on the way to the vets, were our dogs alright?

I never gave a second thought to my girls they were safe and secure.

They were already dead.

The horror of finding them Sunday afternoon in their pen, their bodies cold, unmoving, stiff will haunt me for the rest of my life. And my poor Quincy had spent the day with her friends. She had watched them die.

Imagine her as she went from body to body confused as they would not respond to her, as they grew cold where they had always been warm, someone to wrap around and sleep.

So to this person, some will call you an animal, but you are wholly a human being, animals don't poison each other.

I don't live in Tamworth, my dogs don't live in Tamworth I don't know if you did this because some dog or dogs in the area was annoying you. I do know that baiting is never an option.

If you didn't want to contact the owner, a note in a mailbox is an easy thing. A simple "keep your dog at home" or "your dog barks all night, all day". If you didn't know who owned the dog or the dog was allowed to go on unchecked phone the Council Ranger.

Or maybe you thought it would be fun to see how many dogs you could kill.

In either case I can't help you. You are a sick, twisted individual as the police officer told me, "people do bad things."

Family and friends have told me that karma will get you, karma doesn't help me, Evie, Podge and Ava or my poor heartbroken Quincy.

But let me tell you what you have done. You have murdered my dogs, you planned this with the intention of killing, well you did my dogs are dead, the neighbours dogs are dead.

Evie was five years old, she had lived with me for three years, and she loved unconditionally from the moment she came into my home. Evie never hurt a soul, she certainly never hurt you.

Podge two and a half, as my mother said, 'Could you have picked a worse name?' But she was Podge from the moment she was born, don't know where it came from, she was and will always be Poddy Podge.

Little Ava nine months, loved by everyone bright and happy in only the way a puppy can be, and her big sister Podge was the best thing ever.

Podge and Ava will never again chase each other in the back yard, around the car, zip through the pot plants, past the clothesline and back again, while Evie and Quincy sat in the sun watching them.

Ava loved strawberries, always in my strawberry patch, Podge helping, I suppose I will have strawberries now.
None of them will ever again wrap themselves around my neck and snuggle in.

This is what you have done, I hope you can live with the five lives you took on Sunday 4 August, your life will go on, so will mine but with a very big hole.

I have in the past always said 'going home' to visit my parents. I have never lived in Tamworth, but it is where my parents live so it was going home. Now Tamworth will always be the place where my dogs were murdered.

I hope you are proud of what you have done, so proud that you will step forward and take ownership of this malicious act, it won't bring my girls back.

But I doubt it as you are a spineless, gutless individual and a lot of other words that can't be printed, I do hate you, but mostly I pity you, a poor pathetic excuse of a human being.


  1. Libbie, oh my dear, sending hugs, love and my prayers, all useless, I know, but thinking of you. X

  2. (((((HUGE HUGS)))))) words cannot express at the moment what you are going through .... I hope you get to find out who did this and do the same to them !!!!! love mouse xxxxxx

  3. Never will I understand how anyone can harm animals. I'm so sorry for your losses. Sending hugs your way.

  4. I am so sorry for your losses..
    This is all very sad
    Sending you big hugs x

  5. As my tears fall, I send you our bloggers hugs. Oh my...I wish I could say or do something that would help you...but there are no words to lift your pain. I wil miss the lovely pictures of your fur babies. I hope to continue to read your posts.

  6. I am so sorry Libbie. That is just awful.

  7. I'm so so sorry this happened. Bad people do bad things. It's not the same thing since our dog survived, but when I was little, our neighbor poured acid along the back of our fence. We let our doxie out as usual in the morning and a while later heard his anguished yelps of pain. He carried the scars from that acid attack on his underbelly for the rest of his life.

  8. Oh my goodness. How horrible for you, Libbie. I am just stunned and saddened. Little Podge has been a favorite with me since birth, and if I hurt, you must be shattered. Bless your heart. Here's a hug for you and Quincy. I am so sorry.


  9. Oh Libbie i feel your loss.Why do people do these things and what kind of kicks are they are getting from it i will never know.What goes around comes around and it will be coming big time for this person..Take care.

  10. What a heartless and senseless act. I hope that your heart can heal from this terrible experience.

  11. How very, very sad. Just terrible. I am so sorry for you and for the neighbor, who is hurting too. Unbelievable. I don't even know what to say except that I'm sorry.

  12. How horrible. I am so sad for you and your friend.

  13. I can't believe that anybody could be so heartless and cruel. I am so so sorry for your loss. I wish there was something I could do to help. Just know that what goes around, comes around. Somewhere, some day, whoever did this will pay. And I hope it is soon. My very best wishes and hugs for you. Sorry. Irene xxx

  14. Oh my god... I cannot believe this or imagine what you've been going through. I hope somehow this comes back to this miserable excuse for a human and he feels a million times the pain he has caused. I am so sorry for your loss and the loss of all others that have suffered from this act.

  15. Libbie, So very sorry to hear of this. My heart goes out to you. I do believe in karma and one day whoever did this will receive their turn. There is no way to every replace your furbabies. Remember them with love and slowly move forward Libbie. Take care.

  16. Oh heart is breaking for you. I've wondered what was keeping you from the blogging world, and now I see. You will be in my thoughts and prayers, insufficient as they seem right now. *Hugs*

  17. OMG I am so sorry for your loss. It is heartbreaking to read that someone could be that cruel!!! One sick person. I know the heartbreak of the loss of a pet but your loss is many. I am so sorry!!