Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day-Wednesday

Well the first Cow-Day-Wednesday for 2012, and today was the hottest day of summer so far, 39-40C (102-104F), and I forgot my camera, so photos of cows from Christmas at home, with a few more farm photos.
Remember last year, I brought a jersey cow for Mum, well Dad paid for her, and I hadn't taken a photo. Well this is Alan :@ and she has put on weight, the bonus, we think she is in calf.
Alan has settled in really well, and she has been a real find, a lovely quiet girl. It took a couple of weeks for her lose the dairy herd mentality, and would follow Mum everywhere... then the old Jersey Miss calved and came up to the house paddock to feed calves, and Alan is now in Jersey cow heaven, she just loves the old girl.
The old girl... Miss will be 10 this year.
Miss' Lowline calf Ferrari, he loves doing fast laps around the paddock, he was hiding behind a 'big' bush so I couldn't see him.
The Chinese Geese had excess eggs this year, so Mum set some under the blue muscovy duck and she hatched out three gosling.
They are beyond cute, and nearly impossible to photograph, as she kept getting between me an 'her' babies.

Have started the 2012 Crazy January Challenge, right on schedule and started Day 4 today, will take piccies tomorrow.

Seeya soon LiBBiE in Oz


  1. So you all are having your hottest day while we're having our coldest. lol! Brrrrr! Be nice to balance it out, huh? Nice Cow-Day-Wednesday post! I keep forgetting it's Wednesday since there wasn't school on Monday.

  2. I must tell you that I look so forward to Wednesday.... look to see what lovelies you have to share. Thank you for bringing a smile to me every Wednesday...oh and other times too!

  3. I love Jersey cows! They're my favorite :o)

  4. awwwww don't know which bit is the cutest the cows or the ducks :) and mmmmm where's these starts then ???? from an equally cold mouse house love mouse xxxx

  5. Jersey cows have such nice natures. Why does she have a male name?

    My sons dexters were AI'd this morning, fingers crossed for some female claves this time.

  6. I just love Wednesdays with the cows. The calf is so cute. We are so cold and you are so hot. We can add clothes but you can go only so far...