Saturday, December 31, 2011

And This Little Pig said May the New Year Bring You Joy

So the end of the year is very fast coming to an end, a year filled with joy and sorrow, but not a bad year all in all.

And hey I joined in with a lot of other stitches to complete a Crazy January Challenge, and it was so much fun, with so so much achieved, and now I just confirmed that I will be joining in again in 2012, yep still crazy. And enjoying it!

So my list...
1. LHN Ornaments 2011 - Cardinal Winter
2. LHN Ornaments 2011 - Bringing Home the Tree
3. LHN Ornaments 2011 - Deck the Hall
4. LHN Ornaments 2011 - Gingerbread Village
5. LHN Ornaments 2011 - Silent Night
6. LHN Ornaments 2011 - Pine Tree Inn
7. LHN Ornaments 2011 - Baked Goods
8. LHN Ornaments 2011 - Hallelujah
9. LHN Ornaments 2011 - Joy and Peace
10. LHN Ornaments 2011 - Snow in Love
11. LHN Ornaments 2011 - Winter Forest
12. LHN Ornaments 2011 - Good Things
13. PSS Sophie's Sheep
14. PSS The Flood
15. To Be Decided

I can tell you number 14 has me worried :@
I only just arrived home from the Farm today, and my emails are well and truly out of control! Have not had time to look at them or really look at any blogs for the last nine days.
So I hope you have all had a wonderful festive season, and I leave you with My Prayer for 2012.
Dear God
My prayer for 2012 is for
A fat bank account & a thin body.
Please don't mix these up like you did last year.

So wishing you all a joyful New Year :@

LiBBiE in Oz


  1. lol! Love the prayer! Love your list too! Very practical! Yes, number 14 is a doozy. But it's soooo gorgeous, right? You can do it! I'll root you on. :D Happy 2012!

  2. Love your list. You can do it all including no.14.
    Happy New Year.

  3. Great list. I know that you can do it all, including #14!

  4. Love the prayer. Looks like a great list. I have acquired more of the 2011 ornaments too!

  5. LOL - I love your prayer. Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy New Year, may it bring you gifts of joy, health and happiness and lots of stitching time for you. Did you see the photos I posted on my blog of the dexter cows?

  6. Great list Libbie! I'm sure you'll have another successful stitching year ;o)

    LOL! Love your little groundhog. Happy New Year my friend.

  7. Happy New Year Libbie...hope they get the prayer right this year!!!!

  8. Fun post, Libbie! That picture of the groundhog (?) made me laugh and laugh!
    Happy New Year to you, friend! That's quite a list of stitchin' you have ahead of you! :-)

  9. Here's wishing you the best with your 2012 Crazy plans..... and ILOVE your 2012 prayer--may it be successful.

  10. Good Luck with the challenge again this year.
    Love the prayer
    Happy stitchy 2012

  11. Lots of great projects on the list, but I'm not sure if 14 should worry you more than the unknown 15. Looking forward to seeing pictures of all the new starts.

  12. Your list is delightful! Can't wait to see some pictures as you stitch along this year!