Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And This Little Pig Said Y

My first post on a new blog, I haven't even had time to fill out the profile... yet.

I plan to fill this blog with many different thoughts, ideas, dreams, ...a mix.

Animals, both farm and pet, craft and photography, gardening and flowers, there will be no limit. Ha famous last words.

All working towards the dream, a little farm of our own. Mum and me.

So I thought I would start with what I hope, NO will be a weekly event.

I work for a Livestock Auctioneer, or Stock and Station Agent, and nearly every week I say "If only I had brought my camera." There is always something interesting, unusual or just plain cute.

So this week I did, and when I saw this young heifer come over the weighbridge, well the thoughts and words were obvious.
So after I had finished, off I went, little camera in hand to find this beast in a yarding of over a 1000 head.

Autumn/Fall in Oz, and we have had a first autumn rain, so the saleyards are a little, um messy.
I think little 'Y' falls into the cute category.

Talk soon... LiBBiE

1 comment:

  1. Little Miss Y is just too cute!!!!! She ould be the perfect mascot for my daughter. Who is a Taurus 'my little heifer' and ever asking Y!