Friday, September 10, 2010

And This Little Pig said Bookmark Exchange

I recently took part in my first exchange, from one of my groups i-love-cross-stitch.

The exchange was to include a cross stitched bookmark, a couple of skeins of floss, and a pre-mixed drink. You know tea, lemonade, margarita :D Well seeing as Oz has some very strict quarantine laws and I didn't want to end up on one of those 'Border Security' television programs, with my parcel being sniffed out by a sniffer dog, I asked my swap partner to leave out the pre-mixed drink.

Look at the wonder exchange, by partner Heidi sent me... Oops my partner was Terri... Sorry and thank you.
A lovely bookmark, of course, five skeins of lovely summer coloured DMC floss, a key chain, and fridge magnet. Now that is what you call going over and above the call of duty.
Now for what I sent Heidi, I also opted not to send pre-mix drinks, because, well they were hard to find here, so I sent two bookmarks.

One a complimentary chart from Papillon Creations
The other Australian Wattle.
I dyed the linen, with Parisian Essence, instead of coffee or tea, it was a suggestion from one of the girls at my local LNS. It was so easy. I just kept adding a few more drops until it was just a little darker than I wanted, let the linen soak for 20-25 minutes, quick rinse, then ironed dry while the material was still damp.
The floss included was Australian from Dinky Dye, over-dyed silk, the golden/orange is called Outback, and the green/grey Kakadu, after one of our beautiful national parks in the outback.
Oh I also included chocolate, you can never go wrong with chocolate.

I really enjoyed the exchange and now that I have done one, look forward to doing more.

LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Love all the bookmarks, given and received!

  2. Lovely exchange. Love the patterns on your bookmarks.

  3. Thanks again for the beautiful exchange!

  4. Oh your embroidering is marvellous, I also make left plan the sampler family I am French I speak badly your language, but I am a loving of your country.
    see you soon marylin

  5. A good idea to dye the linen with Parisian Essence, I want to try! I like very much the bookmarks expecially the one with Papillon Creations design.
    kind regards from Italy
    p.s. I really love the pictures you take!

  6. Lovely exchange pieces :o)

    You have Doxies????