Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day-Wednesday Winter and Wet

Cow-Day-Wednesday, and the first day of winter, and although it was wet, it was not really that cold. We have had colder days in May.
A boot print in the ahh... "mud!"
She can't see me, I'm telling you, if I hide behind these wooden rails, she won't see me.
As you can see we have had a lot of rain, we had areas around us that were getting really desperate for water, and this is good winter rain, the creeks are flowing, dams and rainwater tanks are filling and winter clover is starting to shoot.
See the rain drop? The long rain drop.
Just wet.
I've been stitching CCN Pumpkin Cottage, it is the smallest of my 'big' Crazies project. Update photos tomorrow.

Nite 4 Now... LiBBiE in Oz

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  1. Happy winter! It seems so funny to say, since it's finally getting warm here. :) Love your cow pictures and I can't wait to see your Pumpkin Cottage. That is such a pretty piece. I know that I enjoyed stitching it!