Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And This Little Pig said Crazy Finish No 14

Yes you heard right Crazy January Challenge No 14 finished!!!! Gracewood Designs Northern Nights.
Colours used 5 Blues  - Antique Blue from very dark to ultra very light 3750, 930, 931, 932 & 3753; 3 Golds - Old Gold very dark to light 3829, 729 & 676 and 3 Greens - Fern Green dark to very light 520, 522 & 524. I  also shortened the design, I left out a couple or three bands, changed some of the small interspacing bands. I really enjoyed individualizing this design.
Different points of view
After reading about Kathy and Rory's run in with those who think what is your's is theirs, this is what greeted us this morning at the Saleyards office. The police only let us in this morning, they broke in over the weekend, well they broke into the manager's office, and then they went through the wall! Yep you heard me, they went through the wall, and ransacked the back office. MY part of the office! They took the loose change in the drinks jar, and made a mess.

But we are thankful that they didn't take or smash the computers, and everything still works for the sale tomorrow. On the plus side the office was given a really good clean, which included watching three men (bosses) help, wipe, wash and vacuum :@

Seeya soon, with Crazy finish 15.

LiBBiE in Oz


  1. WOOHOO! Congrats Libbie! Looks fantastic :o)

    Are you kidding???? It makes you wonder what these people are thinking. I mean really... I'm happy that it wasn't worse than it was.

  2. Pretty, pretty stitching as always!
    I'm so sorry about the burglary - even if they didn't take a ton of stuff, it still feels like a personal violation, doesn't it? Sounds like everyone pitched in to set things straight, though.

  3. 14 looks really nice. Congrats, you are almost finished with this years challenge. We had a break in years ago at another house and it really bothered us a lot. It could always be worse.

  4. Very neat finish and yay! for number 14
    What the heck is wrong with people??!!

  5. Wow, you're good! Just one more to go!

  6. Congrats on the finish!!! I love the close ups.

    I'm so sorry to hear your office was broken into... WTF!!!!

  7. That's a gorgeous finish!

    Some people have no respect for what others earn or work hard for. It's so sad.

  8. Love, love, LOVE your stitching, I have this pattern and now I'm tempted to stitch it...yours is just gorgeous!! So sorry to hear about the break in...I'll never understand theifs...AND...I would have LOVED to see MEN cleaning, what a sight, now that picture would have been worth a million to see! LOL *Hugs*

  9. Oh gosh... what's happened? Sone people have no respect... I'm sorry to hear about this break in :-( but...
    ... your finishing is so lovely! A love wolves !!!!
    Have a nice week end :-)

  10. What a beautiful stitching you have done !!

    BTW I don't put pictures on my blog of me because it was their happy day :-)

  11. Nice finish and it's great you made it your own. I rarely change a pattern....just don't even think about it. People are just crazy these days. I have a friend who owns a bar and they cut a hole in the exterior wall right where the safe sits and took off with the safe! It's great none of the expensive computers and all the info was safe though!

  12. Oh my gosh!! Sorry about the break in. :( I am always so scared of that!

    Congratulations on the finish! It looks great!