Sunday, September 7, 2014

AndThisLittlePig said Finishes!!!!

This is very sad my first finishes for 2014, all Little House Needleworks Ornaments from 2011, that were started for the Crazy January Challenge 2012.
LHN Bringing Home the Tree, finished end of July 2014
LHN Baked Goods, finished beginning of August 2014
LHN Winter Forest, finished end of August 2014
I have finished stitching two other pieces, but they are for a Friendly Stitches Exchange, will choose which one Miss Mouse will receive when I get them finished finished this coming week. Mouse it will be a surprise for us both.
And to finish, this is what greeted me this morning when I went outside after thinking the Long Dogs were being just a little too quiet on their morning run, the remains of two bags of potting mix. This is Nellie giving me the "I didn't do it Mum. Honest I didn't!" Look.

So until next time... Libbie :@
The Pirate Meah Moo, Quincy, Katie, Pippie, Edith, Nellie, Harriet and Maud


  1. Beautiful finishes..
    Sweet hugs x

  2. How could you EVER think it was one of those pets, lol? Well done on the finishes, you are definitely back with a bang!

  3. Lovely finishes-- they are all wonderful! lol about the quiet dogs. Love the innocent look!

  4. ooooooo they all look fab ... and *sigh can't wait and awwwww she is adorable and I don't think she did it either heheheh love mouse xxxxx

  5. A finish is a finish no matter when it gets done. Maybe thelong dogs had some planting to do----did you check? ?

  6. Glad to see you back Libby and the long dogs ,

  7. Great finishes!! I still have lots from 2012 that didn't quite get finished.. or was that 2011?

  8. Nice! Those are some pretty ornaments.

  9. Lovely stitching!! I still have some crazies left from 2012 of these days I'll get them done!! LOL Love the puppy pictures...too cute!! Your dogs seem as naughty as my cat...after two weeks away he boldly jumped on the dinner table and curled up for a nap!! Cheeky, aren't they?