Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And This Little Pig said Holiday Post 3 and Cow-Day-Wednesday

Ok it's CowDay Wednesday, and yes I managed to take some cow photos, say hello to some Tasmanian Cows!
Now today is my birthday, or at least for the next hour-ish, so for my birthday, I wanted to go to Cradle Mountain Lodge, and hopefully see snow, we stopped for lunch on the way at a lovely little town called Sheffield which is known for it's street murals. I went off to the toilet, and when I came back my dear cousin Lynda, had everyone in the pub sing me happy birthday.

Well Lynda, you know what they say, Payback in a… doesn't she look lovely with this pink plaid polar fleece shirt!
This is one of the photos of our cabin, George in front of the fire. George say's no more red wine by the way, and yes he is old enough to drink, and no drinking and driving.
The drive was beautiful, and I saw snow for the first time, it is amazing, the higher we got the more snow we saw… funny that :D

We found snow amazing, and really not all that cold, we built our first snowman.
Snow goat…
Even got Mum to come out and have her photo taken in the snow and with the snow goat.
Then we started tracking the wildlife of cradle mountain, this is me tracking 'Lynda'
And then we found footprints of a potoroo.
Then we had this cute little kangaroo, come out to meet us.
Followed by his friend the crow.
On the way back from dinner, which was superb, I forgot my camera, so I will have to get the meal photos of Lynda, we found a wombat on the side of one of the walkways, so I ducked back and took some photos.
Took loads of photos today… over 200, and look forward to taking many more tomorrow. The moss and lichens growing on the trees, rocks, ground is amazing. So lots lots lots more photos to come.

Oh brought myself a fab pair of shoes today, will photograph later, they are divine.

Talk soon, LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the pictures, they are great! That cow looks like it's wearing stockings!

  2. Happy Happy the travel photos. George looks like he ishaving a nice time.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! And by the look of it you had a great day with as added plus a pair of divine shoes.
    That snow looks lovely. So do all your photos of the area. Your cabin seems to be very nice too.
    And of course looking forward to see your new shoes.

  4. happyyyyyyyy birthday :) and the photos look lovely with the snow and the animals and can't wait to see those shoes heheheh love mouse xxx
    and glad George doesn't drink and drive ;)

  5. Happy Birthday and sounds like you are enjoying yourself.

  6. Happy Happy Birthday Libbie!!! I hope it was everthing you could wish for. Love all the holiday photos. Keep them coming.

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday Libbie!!!!

    It's so funny to see snow :o) Looks like you had a wonderful time.