Friday, July 15, 2011

And This Little Pig said Holiday Post 4

Update time, we managed to get out of Cradle Mountain… just if we had waited much longer to leave, we may just have been snowed in. That would have been really hard to take.
We had to take our luggage down to the car, which we had had to leave in the car park, after we were unable to get back to our cabin after dinner, I don't think my little car was enjoying the weather.
On our first trip down Mum was really happy to see a Potoroo, before we left.
The small lake outside of the lodge.
Had a wonderful complimentary breakfast, such variety, and so so so much food. Even George enjoyed, especially his coffee…
Then he adjourned to the lodge to write a short letter home.
Before entertaining the gathered crowd…
Snow photo of the countryside.
On our way to Hobart, we stopped off in both Ross and Oatlands, both historic towns. We were looking in a shop window which was closed for the day, they had some 'tin' animal cutouts, and I said to Mum, 'Look at that German Shepherd cutout, it is so well done' Her reply, 'I like the real one better.'
Was devasted to see this shop was also closed L
Shoes as promised, the toes are actually more red, and the most important thing, they were on sale... half price! And one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever brought.
And George I have now found out, has a shoe fetish.
Big day today, visited the Cadbury factory in Claremont, Hobart, photos on other camera, it was hard to take, all that chocolate, and at factory prices. We also visited two dairy goat studs, tomorrow Salamanca Markets, lookout Hobart here we come.

Talk later, LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Ohhhh....the Cadbury factory. We visited last year the Cadbury factury in Dunedin.
    Looks like you, your mum and George do have a fantastic time. Love that snow. I always love snow (on pictures)
    Looks like George is totally in love with your shoes too. Can't blame him for that.

  2. Looks like a fun trip, sorry those shops were closed! George seems to be having a grand time!

  3. Oh those shoes are so pretty. No wonder George likes them. :) I love all the photos. Right now it is 80 something and that snow looks so inviting. :) It's a shame that the needlwork shop was closed. :( Maybe next time.

  4. aww shame the shops were closed :) George really suits those shoes heheh ... and lovely photos of your trip too :) love mouse xxxx

  5. What fun the three of you must be having! George sure does like to be the center of attention...and why wasn't he out there with the snow goat, I'm wondering? I looked at your past couple of posts, and adore the wildlife pictures you've been capturing, and of course the cow photos. I've never seen Tasmanian cows before...or a wombat, or a cute! I'm so happy you got to see snow, and though I don't want the snow I wish you would send cooler weather this way, we are mellllllting...LOL Have a great time! *Hugs*

  6. George is really hamming it up with the camera ;o) LOL! That's a bummer that the stitch shop was closed :o(

  7. There's the green sheep!!


    I love cradle mountain. Especially the cute pademelons!

  8. Oh... pretty!!! I LOVE GEORGE!!!