Thursday, September 22, 2011

And This Little Pig said Crazy Finishes No 11 & No 12

Well Crazy January Finish No 11 and No 12 done and dusted! Oh this is a long post.
I finished Little House Needleworks Ornament 2010 Red House in Winter on August 15, it was around this time that my old Boss was having surgery, and then the unthinkable happened, and he passed away, so these two ornaments will always be Neil's ornaments.
Little House Needleworks Ornament 2010 Pear Tree, was what I was actually working on, when he passed. I love all of Diane's patterns, but this one from the moment I put the first stitch in all the way back in January, never gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Every time I picked up my unfinished Crazies, this one was always shuffled back into the dwindling pile. What made me pick it up to finish it, I will never know. It will hang on my Christmas tree this year, but I think it will be tucked around the side only just in sight... poor Pear Tree, it has never done anything wrong.

So in my month long blogging break, I have been cross stitching like a woman processed, Little House Needleworks Ornaments 2010 Frosty Flakes is very close to being finished, fingers crossed tomorrow, if not early next week. And I have really gotten stuck into Gracewood Designs Northern Nights, which I am loving.
My beloved dogs (that's Podge above and don't let the cute and innocent look fool you) ask to be let outside anywhere from between 5am and 6am, so have fallen into the routine of stitching for about an hour before starting to get ready to go off to work. A friend has lent me their Hawaii Five O the original DVD's, which have been fun to re-watch, a lot I don’t remember, well I was young :-) anyway it is nowhere near as corny as I thought it would be, but there is no comparison between Jack Lord and Alex O’Loughlin (pause for a moment, well a few minutes to imagine Alex swimming in my imaginary pool) but it has been great to pop in the DVD's and watch while I stitch.
This is a result of what cute and innocent can do, you know when you are scrambling for something to write on, thankfully I had copied this hastily written note on a proper note pad before Miss Podge helped herself to it, and I have no idea where she found the floss.
Evie and Quincy enjoying the morning sun, while trying to see through the lace curtain to people walking by.
My Meah, Moo has it all figured out, she gets up on top of the armchair (my grandmother would not be impressed) and finds the break in the curtains.
I am still trying to convince the long dog crew that it really is spring, and they no longer need my old coat to curl up in.
It is not working.
Our local Agricultural show starts tomorrow, this is the one and only rose I have anywhere near being ready to enter, photo taken on Monday, this afternoon it looked like a beautiful Valentine bud. Well it's being picked in the morning and entered, I can only hope. No one and I mean no one has roses this year, everyone is complaining how late they are, plenty of buds, just none that are anywhere near ready. Mr Lincoln, he needs one more day! Entered LHN Pumpkin Hollow Farm, and CCN Pumpkin Cottage in the needlework, but have a feeling they may just be "too American". Have photography entered as well, big entry, but one can only try.

Lastly again I would like to thank everyone who sent me messages of support and prayers on the loss of my old employer, they helped but at the time I was not capable of replying. I have been lucky in my working life to have never had a ‘bad’ boss, and have been truly blessed with my current employer and my old boss, both have treated me like family, one a younger sister, and the other a daughter.

So to my little Bossman, a wonderful family man, husband, father, grandfather, friend and gifted surgeon, rest in peace, you are missed by many. On a serious note, Neil you really have to do something about the Rugby World Cup, give our Wallabies a bit of a push will you!
Neil 3 October 1934 – 19 August 2011

LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Look how big Podge is!!! : ) She's precious! Our Mini Schnauzer puppy, Emma, would find any floss bobbins that fell and eat the bobbin and leave the floss. Perhaps that was Podge's trick, too?? Speaking of Emma - she pulls Meah's stunt of sitting on the edge of the furniture to look out the window -- so she can bark at the people walking by. What a life!

    Your stitching is beautiful. Perhaps in time the ornaments will only bring remembrance without pain. I'm glad you finished them.

  2. Oh it's sooooooooo good to see you posting again! I'm sorry I didn't comment on cow day yesterday (again your pictures amaze me!!) but it's been a bit busy here these days. Your stitching is lovely, and I'm so sorry they bring such sad memories. He sounds like he was a kind man. Your little dogs are so cute!! Sending lots of virtual *Hugs*

  3. ooooo look at those furbabies ... they are adorable no matter what you say mum ... stitching is lovely and looking forward to hearing the results from the show .. fingers crossed for you :) t.t.f.n love mouse xxxx

  4. Your babies are the cutest! They look so comfy on your jacket. The stitching is beautiful.

  5. Great your pups! I love the pear is really nice. Hope the show goes well.

  6. Nice finishes and you will certainly remember their circumstances under which they were stitched. I am taking 2 LHN ornies on vacation next week. We'll see how I do. Your dogs are cuties! My co-worker has 4 dachshunds and one of them had 7 puppies! They are all cream colored!!!

  7. Lovely post Libbie.

    Your finishes are wonderful! You're almost to 15 :o)

    Sigh...I just LOVE these pictures of the pups, especially Podge :o) She makes me smile every time.