Friday, August 24, 2012

And This Little Pig said Quilt Finished

Quilt finished... well just have to stitch a label on the back, so will be done this weekend, it is for my bosses daughter Sarah, she was 21 in February, yes I am late, but far better then the quilt I have off being quilted at the moment, will tell you about that one when it comes back!
The binding was done by the Beautiful Bev, from my LNS. I hate hand sewing (funny seeing as I love cross stitch) and was all prepared to do it, she was only going to sew the binding, pin the corners and leave the rest for me to do! When I picked it up on Tuesday, what do I find but a finished quilt. Naughty Bev :@ That's OK I went and cleaned her carpet for her on Wednesday night.
This Previous Post will tell you about the material, etc, binding is a lovely read with gold/beige spots which looks wonderful, only took an hour to pick out :@
My Little Iron Pig hasn't made an appearance in a while, she managed to get in every shot.

See you next time... cross stitch update... LiBBiE in Oz

PS The Long Dog Puppies are doing well, they were all up and wagging their little tails for me tonight, if it's a nice day tomorrow, might try and get them a little outside time and some sun.


  1. Congratulations on the quilt finish! I am sure that she will treasure it.

  2. Love the fabby prints and colors! She is going to love it!

  3. The quilt is beautiful and she will love it, late or not. Love the fabrics!

  4. Libbie, Libbie. I absolutley love the quilt. The birthday girl will love it too.
    A local quilt shop just opened here and I have been making my way back to a little quilting too.
    TFS and I like your little iron man:)

  5. wow congratulations dear..quilt is so lovely.
    big hugs xx

  6. The Birthday Girl will love this,i know i do.

  7. Congratulations!! Well done, and nice to get some help. Glad to hear the long dog pups are still doing well, that's wonderful.

  8. It's a gorgeous quilt. The recipient is going to love it.