Saturday, December 11, 2010

And This Little Pig said Small Blog Facelift

Firstly before I tell you about my small blog facelift, why not pop over an have a look at my cousin Lynda's blog, she is all new to this, and she will quite happily tell you that 'computer's hate her!'

Kurra Art Sculpture

Lynda is an artist and a recycle sculpturer, we plan to do a 'photo shoot' of her art at Christmas, that will be fun.

She recently won a major award, there is a link on her blog to a radio interview, along with photos of her work. Lynda was asked, and is exhibiting at the Regional Gallery for Country Music Week in January 2011.

So my small blog facelift, when I created this blog back in May, my header 'pig' was temporary so I think it was more than time to change.

I have been looking for a new pig for a while, and finally found one I could work with he (he is a he, it's sort of obvious) is just an outline. So with a few textures, and a cut out... ta-da a new header.

I've also changed the colours from black and orange to chocolate (which so much better than dark brown) and a darker orange.

While I was at it, I had a little fun, and created some different colours, but with chocolate always included.

Here are some examples that you may see in the future, nothing too exciting, just some different colours and combinations.
On a stitching front, with Christmas fast approaching, I have done very little work on my LHN Family Sampler, but I must photograph my process and and give you all an update.

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