Monday, December 20, 2010

And This Little Pig said WIP - Crazy - Finish

I recently added up how many WIP's I have... three, it was four, but I managed a small finish this weekend.

Multiple WIP's is something I have never done until this year, having only ever had one project at a time on the go. I can blame a renewed interest in stitching, and having joined several yahoo stitching groups. These ladies and gentlemen are very enabling and evil :D

So my current WIP list includes LHN Family Sampler, another le pig in reverse colours, a mystery WIP1 or BAP which I haven't touched since I started Family Sampler. 

I also have a UFO, it is Ink Circles BoInk. I hope one day to get back to this, thank you Milly for making me realise I still had this sitting in the back of a closet. That is my Meah checking it out, over 18 months ago.
Now I have joined a challenge that is aptly referred to as "The Crazies" or Crazy January Challenge 2011 in which from January 1 to January 15 you start a new project everyday. Then try and finish all 15 projects in the year. Crazy? Yes crazy.

I am still finialising my list, but it will be mainly made up of Little House Needlework's 2010 Christmas ornaments (see last post). So it shouldn't be hard to do? Right? Right? I also have to finish Family Sampler by March 2011.

Now for my small finish, unfortunately I cannot show you a photo, as it is a secret/surprise project that the recipient does not know about it. And she does read this blog. But I will show you a small piece of it, which will absolutely not give anything away.
Yes it is a tartan, but it does have a surprise :D You might just get to see it in the New Year.

Also have been very busy at work last week was our final week before Christmas, but I will go in this week and do the banking and bank reconciliation, just to keep everything up to date before I go home to the family farm, hope to be there by Thursday. Don't really want to travel on Christmas Eve. 

This is the last 'job' we have to do before leaving the posting of calendars to our clients. There is over 450 in this little lot, which had to be folded, sealed and address labels attached. But the boys do help, including the boss :D
Till next time LiBBiE


  1. Good luck with your WIP Challenge. That's one I'm definitely sitting out, lol.

  2. Another crazy woman!!!! LOL! I think you're doing the right thing though and going with ornament sized pieces :o) Good luck!

  3. Crazy challenge is right! I decided I needed to get some of my older wips done in 2011 so I joined the other challenge. The one where you pick out and finish 15 wips. I am postive that I will start (and some I will complete! LOL) more that 15 during the next year. :)