Sunday, February 6, 2011

And This Little Pig said Puppies One Week Old

Yes can you believe it, the pups are one week old, and doing fabulously well. Evie is such a good mum, considering the extreme heat we have had. Officially 12 days straight of over 40C, and tonight at around 6pm it started to rain. We were all outside, and I can tell you one minute there was heat and humidity, and the next a southerly wind. Humidity just went, the temperature dropped, and I got to switch the air-conditioner off, and open some windows. Can you hear the Alleluia chorus :D

Well before I show you the pups, Meah and Quincy wish to enter a protest that they have been feeling rather left out :( Acutely I think there was a demand in there somewhere.

So as you can see they have not been doing without.
Meah making sure I am only taking her photo, not trying to nick her treat.
Quincy doing roughly the same thing, and...
...making sure no-one is sneaking up behind her.
I know it's blurred, but isn't this a great shot, and no her tongue is not forked :)
And they called it puppy love...
A group shot taken 30 minutes ago, all relaxed, and for the first time in their very short lives the puppies did not have a fan on them or air-conditioning.
And these two were taken ten minutes ago, all lined up at the milk bar.
Don't you just love the little rolls of 'condition' down their necks.
Now Danni my love you were worried about my excess white comment. The Australian breed standard states... "All colours are permitted but no white permissible, save for a small patch on chest which is permitted but not desirable." This means no piebalds oh I would love to breed one!

All it means is that they technically cannot be shown. The black and tan boy has no white, and one of the black and tan girls has a small narrow strip of white on her chest as does one of the chocolate boys, and the last born black and tan girl has a big strip of white on her chest and her white toes are a no-no (me personally, I think they are so cute) and the other chocolate boy has white on his chest that looks like a mathematics symbol :) When we breed, we aim for puppies with great temperaments, home reared under foot, who will make wonderful family members, occasionally we have a puppy go for show, but prefer family homes.

When Sue calls in again, I will get her to hold each of them individually, and take their piccies. Also sorry no stitching, it has just been way too hot.

Until next time... LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Oh the babies have gotten so big in one week. Amazing at how quickly they grow. They are just adorable. And during this next week they will open their eyes and then the real fun begins. :)

    Quincy and Meah are adorable too. :)

  2. My oh My they are so adorable! Waiting for more and more pictures of them...such fun when they start running around....

  3. I loved all the pup photos. I haven't held a wee pup in way too many years. Even our cats are 9 so its been a while for a kitty too. They make me feel all warm a fuzzy inside.

  4. Awww...all your furbabies are adorable! With a Mum like Evie I can't imagine any of them having a bad temperament and who has time to stitch when there are puppies to cuddle? *Hugs*

  5. You are a busy girl, aren't you? Good thing you are surrounded by so much dog & puppy love. I envy you those little babies - it would be so sweet to hold them for just a little bit. (Thanks for the explanation about the "excess white", lol)
    Glad to hear the heat has let up a bit for you guys!

  6. Thanks for sharing all your photos. The puppies are wonderful! And growing so fast.

  7. Oh Libbie, wish I was a bit closer! Gorgeous pictures of the non pups too!