Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day-Wednesday

Yes it is Cow-Day-Wednesday, and it was 46C (114.8F) today air conditioning really didn't make any difference, that is not an understatement. So quickly went and took some photos.

By now you must know I cannot resist Brahman's, it's the ears, eyes, even their noses, but these boys had beautiful horns as well.
Just looking for a place to lay my head.
Yes I did manipulate him a little bit, he was not quite this red.
So after I finished the paper work this morning, weighted my bulls, and while waiting to weight the rest of the cattle, I rushed home to check the puppies. They are doing great! Evie is such a good Mum, and well I don't think I will be able to jump over the electricity bill this month... but the pups are worth it :) I also came home and checked on them after I had finished weighing, and then it was back to work again.

These were taken last night... Proud Mamma
Curled up with her babies.
All lined up... left to right... girl-boy-boy-boy-girl... and they colour coordinated as well.
Another group shot.
Are you starting to get who is the favourite, this is last born girl, she has a white chest stripe (just like Evie) four of the five puppies do, but she has also has white toes on her back feet. On each back foot she has three white toes, with the outside toe being tan.
Excess white is a no-no in Oz, but I really don't care, she is a little dream.

Well it's off to bed, with hope of sleep, and tomorrow I hope to catch up on everyone's blog :)
LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Libbie, I can tell you love animals!! I never really looked at cows faces before but I'm learning to see their beauty through your eyes (and camera!). Evie's puppies are so cute!! It's hard NOT to have a favorite isn't it? I hope you are going to be safe from the cyclone headed your way...keep us posted! *Hugs*

  2. I love puppies and Evie's are absolutely adorable! Thanks for the puppy update.

  3. I hope you and the puppies can stay cool!! Are you going to keep the little lady with the white toes? She's precious!!!

  4. I love to visit you on Wednesdays...Love the "cows"...and thank you for the update and the furbabies...they are so precious! I want to hug them all and Evie too.

  5. Gosh, those little pups just slay me...they are SO sweet. Tell me, why is excess white a "no-no" in Oz? And what's the plan for these pups? Did you already discuss this and I missed it?
    Brahmans are amazing - I saw my first one up close at the Texas state fair a couple years ago. Their ears and their soft fur make them seem so incredibly gentle.

  6. Congratulations for new babies. They are so cute!