Sunday, February 20, 2011

And This Little Pig said Puppies Three Weeks Old

Yes can you believe it the little darlings are three weeks old. They have been keeping me busy, starting to eat and today they are starting to wrestle with each other. One even barked, it is lovely hearing their little puppy voices take form.

So be warned photo heavy, as in puppy heavy post!

I am in trouble :D this is Podge, as in Hodge Podge, and yes she is my favourite, remember little white toes, well this is her, they are starting to blacken in, so you won't even know they were white in another couple of weeks. It also looks like she might be a black & cream instead of a black & tan. Just look at that face... Definitely in trouble.
Evie with her brood tonight... officially three weeks.
Yes Podge again. She is very photogenic... honest.
With her favourite brother, who also hogs the camera... Sibling love.
OK this is a hold-up, put those paws up and pose for the camera!
Chocie boy all twisted, he is such a dag.
You know if you are hungry, there are better things than Mum's back leg.
Finally got it right.
Meah said don't forget me. Yes that is my cleaning washing. Hint don't own black clothing and white dogs.
I have been stitching, working on Northern Lights by Gracewood Stitches but not enough to show you any real progress, must get back into my Family Sampler, which was supposed to be finished by March. Just not gonna happen.

Nite... LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Finally...I have missed your posts and seeing the little ones who seem to be not so very little anymore. The are so precious...thank you for sharing....

  2. Oh my Goodness but the pups are simoky adorable. Way too cute. I wouln't be able to give up one single baby. :) Love all the photos. You can't post enough to suit me. LOL They are growing so fast. And I am sure the next few weeks will be even better as they really start to get around and under foot. :) Can't wait for the next update. :)

  3. How adorable can those little babies be!!! They are just squashable:)

  4. Awwwwwww, those are incredibly wonderful pictures. You must be in heaven having those pups around. Podge is adorable. I think my favorite picture is the "sibling love" one. SO sweet! :-)

  5. They are perfect! We have a new puppy that was suppose to be Chihuahua but we are seeing an awful lot of Doxie in her...which is great because we love Doxies.
    I know you must be enjoying them as there is nothing better than puppies in the house.

  6. Awwwww...they are so adorable! I can see why Podge is your favorite! They sure grow fast don't they? *Hugs*

  7. Hey ya - got here from blog visit recommendation from dkfarmgirl - had to see the new pups - the first photo of Podge reminds us of our Hasty Herman (amost 10) whom we lost in Nov. We LOVE these little black and tans - and brown and tans! They are soooo darned cute! I will be visiting again!