Monday, January 31, 2011

And This Little Pig said A Day of Contrasts

Well day one of the babies, and they are doing great, and so is Evie, she is such a good mum, I might actually get a betters night sleep, fingers crossed, but I'm sure I will still be up several times and at any slight noise :)

Also Evie would like to tell you that her mother (me) has been slack and did not change my bedding until after she took the photos, something about the puppies and me 'just looked so cute'!
We love our mummy.
So this morning in my sleep depravation, when I took all the girls out at 5am, I must not have shut the back door properly, so at 7am when I stood at the sink making a coffee I realised the door was slightly ajar... well my cats, my indoor, not aloud outside cats, had had access to the backyard for over two hours. Ahhhh...

Thankfully Sylvia was sitting between the door and the screen (with the dog door), such a good girl she had not gone out. Stella was just around the corner of the house, and Levi, well the evil one had gone over the side gate was in the front yard!!! All fine, thankfully, and Levi came when called.

Once back inside the full extent came to the for, Sylvia, my Silly had been outside. She is my calico, my moggie RSPCA girl. Well the photos tell the story... please note she is in her mid-summer clip.
My Silly is white, as in snow white.
This evening while I was watering pot plants on the front verandah, it was still 40C (105F) at 6.40pm tonight, this little fella must have taken shelter from the sun. He was looking right at me.
Not quite sure what he was pointing at... PM phone home :-)
Well we all survived day one, even with the heat, and tomorrow will be just as bad, but the puppies will be one day older... LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Uh oh, naughty kitties!! Well some of them anyway...LOL And your snow white kitty will become snow white again!! I hope you get a better night's sleep soon!! Sounds like the puppies are doing fine, well done Evie for being a good Mom! Love the PM picture, how cool is that? Did you use a tripod? The image is so crystal clear!! *Hugs*

  2. Oh, sweet babies!!!! I'm so glad that your kitties are safe and sound. Silly animals to cause Mom to worry!!! If you get too hot today you can think of me... I think we're supposed to get 20 inches of snow over the next few days. :-)

  3. I was so hoping for an update today...the little furbabies are looking cute...Evie looks a bit tired but still pretty...and those pesky wanderers...glad they are safely get some rest so you will be bright eyed to take more pictures!! lol

  4. Glad to see the pups are thriving. Evie looks content. Love the photo of her belly up. :)

  5. Awww -- the new babies are beautiful! Hugs to the mum for doing a super job.

  6. Sooooo sweet. I can almost smell their precious puppy breath from all the way over here!
    Nice shots of that praying mantis - I love those!!