Thursday, January 13, 2011

And This Little Pig said Crazies Day 13

I started the first of my bigger projects today, Country Cottage Needleworks, Pumpkin Cottage. This was part of the new stash I added before Christmas. I was missing a couple of the speciality threads. Ordered them on Tuesday.

Went to make a start, and can you believe it I had no DMC white! None! Nada! So I had to dig into my LHN Family Sampler, and borrow some DMC winter white. Really happy with my start, would have been more, but cousin rang again on her way home from work, and seeing as it is her birthday, I thought I better have a chat :D
Late last year, I treated myself to a new handbag, I am not a handbag person. Usually when I shop, I carry my wallet and phone, hoping I have a pocket for my car keys. Weekdays are easy, I carry a laptop, and it is my work handbag.

Saw this handbag in a shop window, loved the colour, so I spent a month looking at it every time I went to the bank or post office. Finally I caved, and went in and had a look. It's a bit big, but I thought well I won't be using it that much.
Those were famous last words, it now comes to work with me everyday, and currently holds two JCS Ornament issues 2009 & 2006. Along with all the LHN ornaments I am stitching for the crazies. Patterns, floss, scissors, tape measure and spare needles. My wallet, phone and keys still go with my laptop.

Very broad update on the Queensland flooding, river in Brisbane peaked a metre (3.5 feet) under the expected high. A big foot bridge collapsed and a 300 metre (1000 feet) section floated down the river, moving at 25 kilometres (15 miles) towards a major 12 lane bridge. But never fear, Mavis the little tug that could came out and with a lot of pushing and shoving guided it between the pillions, before a bigger tug managed to get out and help guide it out into the bay. Mavis is 40 years old, and she and her skipper did a marvelous job.
And just to show that even when we are down, but not out the Aussie sense of humour still prevails. This is a statue of one of Australia's greatest rugby league players (you don't know how hard that is for me to type) Wally Lewis, it is outside Suncorp Stadium, which is now one big swimming pool.
The more sombre news, death toll now 15, revised missing 61. One small community has 11 people missing, they are from two families. This will only get worse, as they are only just getting into the worse effected areas.

Please keep Queensland in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Yay! We're having a Pumpkin Cottage SAL! :-) I loved your pictures of Mavis, "The little tugboat that could".... reminiscent of one of our children's stories about the little engine that could... :-) It made me smile. Well, that and the picture of your statue. What a great sense of humor in the midst of adversity. I do hope the flooding will subside soon!

    Nice bag! Just perfect for a stitching bag, I'd say!

  2. Ohhh, I *love* Mavis. The tragedy that your country is suffering is unbelievable. SO many people around the world have you all in our thoughts.
    Love the mask, snorkel and waterwings on the statue. A sense of humor does help to get through the tough stuff, doesn't it?

  3. Your stitching starts look very nice. But that flooding... it is really terrible!

  4. Oh, I've seen others stitching on Pumpkin Cottage and I LOVE it...I just may have to add it to my stash!! Lovely start, can't wait to see more! As for the flooding, I'm still praying, and yes, the Aussie's have a great sense of humor (loved the water wing floaties on the footballer statue! ROTFL) We're almost there! *Hugs*

  5. Don't know whether to laugh at the statue or cry for the missing...