Sunday, January 16, 2011

And This Little Pig said Crazies in Review -- Photo Heavy

Well what do you do, when you have just spent 15 hectic days, doing 15, well 16, new starts. Well if you have gone just a little bit cuckoo like some of us :D You start another small sampler.

I know, I know I think I will have to get myself a 'gift certificate' to the funny farm.

First a review of the first 15 days of 2011... Gathered up all my starts and went outside and photographed in natural light, cheated and used a tripod.

Group Shot
Day One - LHN Ornament ~ Fa La La
Day Two - LHN Ornament ~ Pear Tree
Day Three - LHN Ornament ~ Snowy Pines
Day Four - LHN Ornament ~ Red House in Winter
Day Five - LHN Ornament ~ Under the Tree
Day Six - LHN Ornament ~ Happy Skater, JCS 2010
Day Seven - LHN Ornament ~ The Merry Skater
Day Eight - LHN Ornament ~ Winter Sheep
Day Nine - LHN Ornament ~ Frosty Flakes
Day Ten - LHN Ornament ~ He's A Flake
Day Eleven - LHN Ornament ~ All is Calm bonus chart Bless Our Home
Day Twelve - LHN Ornament ~ Joy to the World, who is currently the headless, handless, footless angel
Day Thirteen - CCN ~ Pumpkin Cottage
Day Fourteen - LHN ~ Pumpkin Hollow Farm
Day Fifteen - Gracewood Stitches ~ Northern Nights
The sampler I started today, is a freebie from a French blog, I will have to look up where it came from, and let you know. I have also made some changes to personalize it.
Well starting tomorrow, I will be going back to my LHN Family Sampler, which has been neglected for the last 16 days. It is supposed to be finished by the end of March. Just one more WIP for 2011.

Before I go, one of the many upsides of doing the Crazy January Challenge, is that I have blogged everyday, it has been a bonus.

Goodnight LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Oh Libbie, great minds think alike, as I woke up this morning thinking about something I wish I had started!! I'm going to be lazy and wait, though! Your last piece looks interesting though, would love to see the link when you have time to post!! Another good thing about the challenge too is that I've gotten to know some other stiffness better by reading their blogs almost every day!! *Hugs*

  2. Should say stitchers above, dumb auto correct!!! LOL!!

  3. lovely blog. I am starting a cross stitch just now. hugs from Italy

  4. It has been nice hasn't it...meeting new friends, starting new projects without feeling guilty at not finishing them before starting another. I have never had unfinished works...this has set me free or started a bad Have a nice weekend

  5. You have some great projects going...looks like it will be a LHN Crazy Challenge!

    happy stitching....

  6. How funny! I went through all my starts today too. I had a horrible time deciding which one to work on!! I must say that your starts have all been my favorites... all LHN and CCN. I only have four of them in my starts, but they are the ones I look forward to finishing the most!

  7. Have to love your CJC starts. I would like to stitch them all, but maybe and just maybe I should finish my 15...

  8. HI Libbie:) ... we defo need commission or committing I worked on one of my new starts last night .. It is lovely to see all yours and to watch your progress :) love mouse xxxx

  9. Wow, awesome challenges. What a good idea to use the LHN ornaments!

  10. Wow Libbie, your needle is smoking!

    Mary in IN

  11. What a beautiful bunch of stitching!! You're going to have some very lovely finished pieces to show! :)

  12. What a wonderful array of projects you've begun! :D

  13. Yes I agree, not one more can't hurt but if you have to have every nice looking chart, then you MIGHT have problems ;)