Friday, January 7, 2011

And This Little Pig said Crazies Day 7 -- Oh Damn

Well damn, damn and double damn, never fear, I have stitched today, LHN Ornament The Merry Skater, the companion piece to LHN The Happy Skater.

At first I thought I had miscounted, I was stitching down the left hand side of the pattern, and the closer I got to the bottom, I kept thinking this isn't working. I recounted - checked the patterns stitch count - I was right with the surrounding boarder matched.

Then I counted the pattern itself... damn... it is out by 6 stitches... Stitch Count 40 x 51 should read 40 x 57. Misprints happen, and thank God I start from top to bottom. So no real hardship, just have to unpick the bottom row.
So excuse me, I'm off to frog (rippit) my bottom row.

On a different note, look I think I may just have worked out how to photograph my pieces at night with the new camera... Less light and night scape.

Till Tommorrow Libbie in Oz


  1. don't you love learning a new camera!? Glad you caught the error in print before too long.....

  2. Sorry you have to frog but at least it is not too much. Great idea to do all 12 ornaments as part of the CJC :-)

  3. Bummer! Glad you caught it early. Your new ornie looks great so far.

  4. The LHN Ornaments are all so pretty.
    I think you pictures are all so clear and nice.
    I would need a new camera too.. I am so waiting for the spring-time to get some more light.

  5. Glad you didn't have to frog too much - very lucky! Great job working out how to take such great photos at night - I really should try checking my settings out too, I always take them under the daylight bulb and it washed it out too much :(