Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day-Wednesday

Well hello one and all, this is going to be a different Cow-Day.

Last night I said I was having an early night, as we had over 500 head of cattle to sell and weigh today. Well I arrived this morning to do up all the paperwork and when I was finished low and behold, we had over 600 head....ahhhh.

So needless to say, I really did not get a chance to take any photos, and all of my 'held in reserve' photos are in my home computer (windows) which I still have not taken in to get a nasty virus removed by my IT man. Must remember to do that tomorrow.

So I have a special picture for you all, I did it last this up late last year...
Cattle County is my first real attempt at designing any thing, I saw this saying, and thought I can do this! You should have seen my first attempt at a cow, it wasn't very pretty. The girls all have slightly different ears, and eye placements, along with different shaped rumps (tail placements).

I have not given a colour key, as you can do anything with these girls, solid as above, or black and white in different 'cow' like patterns below.
Or even...
... the rainbow girls.

So all the usual stuff, free for personal use, not to be reproduced for sale, oh and if you wish to stitch, please send me a photo. I have yet to stitch, I still have all the crazies to contend with!

LiBBiE in Oz


  1. That is SO cute! I love how you pointed out all the little details, as I was reading them, I could look up at the pattern and see exactly what you were talking about. The different eye placement made me laugh! Adorable.
    Still working on that closet box of mine...I haven't forgotten - you know how things have a way of jumping in front of you and moving up on the priority list - that's what has happened here lately.
    Happy Thursday to you!

  2. Hey - where'd you go? Everything ok?

  3. Danni everything is fine, just had a big weekend, huge cattle sale in nearly 40C heat! Can you believe it I did not switch on a computer at all over the weekend except for work!!! Will blog tonight :D

  4. I wanted to download your cute cow cross stitch but don't know how. Need some help. Thanks