Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And This Little Pig said Crazies Day 12 + Cow-Day-Wednesday

Day 12 of the Crazies rolls to a close, with the flood situation in Queensland, having not improved. It is a slow motion disaster. But at least the residents of Ipswich and Brisbane, know it is coming, and have a chance to get to higher ground, and at least save some of their processions.

Unlike the poor residence of Grantham, their stories of survival and loss are horrific

There is some good news if you can call it that, the death toll has risen by 2 to 12, but the missing which climbed to 90 today, has been revised down to 48 this evening. It is more of people finding each other than being found (hope that makes sense). Most of the missing are from Grantham.

So onto Day 12, I was going to get so much more stitching done today, but my cousin rang me on the way home from work, and we talked for an hour :D This is good, and I told her I was going to blame her as well.

So the last of my LHN Ornaments Joy to the World, I was determined to get at least one of her wings done, but it was not to be.
Today is also Wednesday, so that is Cow-Day. I love Brahman cattle, so when I get the chance, I go a little overboard. Such a beautiful eye.
So thought I would have a nose day, and try out the Nex-5 with up close shots.
Love the heart shaped top of this nose, and the bubbles.
Hairy nose. Don't you just love the bi-colour.
Just to show how pretty she is, check out the fringe on those ears.
So This Little Pig says Goodnight, and I forgot to mention that my brother and his family are safe.  And I am far from harm, will find a map in the next couple of days to show you where the Hunter Valley is... LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Oh how I love the face of a cow. Their eyes are so expressive. They are beautiful...and that nose is ...well, anyway, thanks for sharing.
    Good to hear your family is safe as are you....

  2. can almost tell their personality by their faces...what beautiful pictures! And as for your start, a start is a start (so I've been told!!) What matters now is that you finish before the year is out! Still praying for all the Australians, even if they aren't in the floods path, they may be affected in other ways. Thanks for keeping us informed! *Hugs*

  3. I love all your new starts! Will be looking for the finishes. :)

    The flooding in Austalia is awful. I hope and pray that you and yours stay safe and dry.

  4. The flooding is awful! I hope everyone stays safe. Thanks for keeping us posted.

    Great cow noses -- I love cow eyes, so soft and gentle looking.

    You have another good start -- I can't wait to see them all finished.

  5. I have seen pictures of those terrible floods on TV news here in Finland.
    (actally I live on opposite side of planet than you)
    I have work on the farm of my husband mother and father.
    We have beautiful Hereford,Limousine and Charoilais on the farm..they all had very characteristic faces..
    My favourite was the huge,cream coloured and very gentle
    Lovely start again..