Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And This Little Pig said Aussie Aussie Aussie... Oi Oi Oi

Yes it is Australia Day! An old photo of Stella as a kitten, posing for me, on the Aussie flag, well she is an Australian Mist, Australia's only home grown breed of cat! Must find the colour photo.
Today is a public holiday, with Evie so close to having her pups and it being extremely hot... as in 41C or 105.8F we stayed home in the air-con. I spent the day stitching, watching the tennis and the cricket, while the girls all laid round under the ceiling fan, enjoying the cool.

I managed my first finish of the year, and my first Crazy. LHN Ornament Joy to the World. One down, fourteen crazies to go. I changed 'Joy's' hair colour, my 869 just looked too green, I even dug into my old floss box, some of these thread are 20 years or older, and while it looked more brown, it just wasn't right. So I frogged it, and replaced with 433.
Someone asked, I think it was Danni :) Where the Hunter Valley was in relation to the floods in Queensland. Well here is a map of Australia, on the east coast, top to bottom, is Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and well you can't forget Tasmania the little island at the bottom.
Here is a map of the Hunter Valley, can you see Newcastle on the coast, if you look at the map above, it is above Sydney, in NSW.
LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Happy Australia Day! I really like how your ornament turned out. Her hair color is perfect. :-)

  2. Happy Australia Day....thanks for the the ornie...and waiting for news with Evie.

  3. Happy Australia Day!! Your ornament turned out perfectly, doesn't it feel great to have a finish this early in the year? Well done!! I hope it cools off for you soon, I'd be meeeellllltiiiiiinnnng!! Poor Evie, I hope she has her pups soon, she must be feeling the heat terribly. I'll keep checking back...can't wait to see those babes!! *hugs*

  4. Happy Australia day!!

    I just LOVE your finish! :)

  5. Oooh, thank you for the map. Now I have an idea of where you are in relation to the flooding.
    By the way...I have been meaning (for over a week) to get back to you on your nice email regarding the patterns. Please forgive my tardiness. I really suck sometimes. :-)
    Happy belated Australia day!!