Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And This Little Pig said We Have Been Keeping a Secret

When I came home this afternoon, I grabbed the Sony Nex-5, and thought I would take some shots of the dogs. I was playing with the settings, and found the continuous shutter setting. Yes!

So while taking the photos, I realised that we would not be able to keep our little secret any longer, particularly since Evie decided to pose like this...
Yes that is a belly full of puppies :-o) we have 12 days to go. She is in whelp to Quincy's father Larry.

Evie wanted to know if this angle made her 'bum' look big?
Then she wanted to do the regal lady-in-waiting pose.
Also being pregnant is not slowing her down, and she is keeping up with her exercise.
Quincy and Evie playing the lets chase people walking their dogs from one side of the house to the other. You can just see the absolute joy on Quincy's face.
Doesn't the Nex take a great action shot.
Meah is not happy, as well... you see... she has been made play with the obnoxious one. Quincy doesn't give her any choice, while Evie will play, she is not up to rough and tumble anymore.
I did do some stitching today, here is the result.
Nothing but frogs, I didn't really have to, but I wasn't happy with the colour I had already stitched, it was just too dark, I kept staring at it. So while I was at my LNS, I grabbed the next shade lighter, I put in a couple of stitches, and am so much happier.

Well it is still early, for once I am not blogging round midnight, big day tomorrow, we have over 500 head of cattle, and I opted out of doing the paperwork tonight... 6am job in the morning.... Oh well it 
was my choice.

So this little pig is off to bed... nite... LiBBiE in Oz

Before I go, I would just like to say thank you for all the kind comments of support from yesterday, the accident is still sinking in, and the surviving lady is doing well and listed as stable. Funerals later in the week, and early next week. Still lots of hard times ahead. Again thank you.


  1. Okay, let's start at the top....pic #1, she is not very lady-like, but please do not tell her...pic#2, hope you did not tell her "yes"...pic#3, ah a picture of a lady. All the rest are fantastic. I just love the flying ears! You are doing a great job with the new camera. Your furbabies are so adorable. Do you plan to keep any of the little ones?
    Libbie, so sorry about the dear friends of your grandma.Tragic event for all.

  2. I know the funerals at this week will be difficult. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    But I am all excited about the new puppies that will be joining us soon. Oh the photo opts coming up! :) Tell Miss Evie that she is just adorable and beautiful no matter what pose she take. (Though I just love the one with her belly up!)

  3. Hi Libbie! I'm sorry I didn't visit your blog over the weekend, and I'm very sorry to hear about your Grandmother's friends. I'll be praying for the families and friends of these dear ladies. As for your little bundles of energy there, how sweet are they? Such beautiful pictures (you definitely have way with your camera!!) and I'm looking forward to seeing the puppies!! Sorry about the frogs, I hope they leave and say away now!! (I have had the same thoughts about a couple of my starts but am not sure what to do at this point *sigh*) *Hugs*

  4. Hello Libbie,
    I am really sorry for your weekend news. But the puppies... how exciting, I am looking forward to seeing them!

  5. Oh, puppies! I love looking at puppies. Notice the "looking at". I. don't. need. another. puppy. I'm glad you don't live close enough for me to actually touch them... then I'd have to take one home!!

  6. Your dogs are cute and I can't wait to see pics of the puppies.

  7. PUPPIES!! How fun! I hope all goes well with the birthing. Can't wait to see pics.