Saturday, January 8, 2011

And This Little Pig said Crazies Day 8

Day 8, can you believe, over half way there :D

LHN Ornament Winter Sheep.
I did work some more on my Day 7 Crazy, particularly when I realized the right hand border was also out by 6 stitches, so did some frogging, and put most of the stitches back in this morning, before I started on the above.

I can't believe the amount of enjoyment I am getting out of this. I also can't believe that I now have 8, no 9 WIP from this year, seeing as the most WIP's I have ever had in the past is 4. So 9 + 2 outstanding from last year equals 11.... ahhhhhh

I have often put up pictures of my dogs, and realized why I may have mentioned my 3 cats in passing, I don't think I have put their photos up. I have a couple of great shots, but they are all on my windows computer, which is currently down with a virus (again). When it comes back from the IT man this time IT WILL NEVER BE CONNECTED to the internet again. All surfing, browsing, postings etc will be done on my Apple laptop.

So I have photos of two of my cats, Sylvia was playing at hiding today. So here is my beautiful La Stella Bella, she is an Australian Mist, I liked it better when they called the Spotted Mists :D
Stella is not showing off her spots to perfection, because come summer round here, she and Sylvia who is a semi-long, are clipped. Stella has about 5-6 weeks growth, and when I first clip/shave her, she looks like a skinned rabbit, with absolutely no spots.

This is Levi a Devon Rex,  don't let that innocent look fool you into thinking that butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, cause when you switch the L to the end of his name... Evil.
These photos were taken of them sharing their styrofoam box, the kind that vegetables come in. When it is really hot, I put a frozen drink bottle in, and cover with a towel. It is like having their own little cool room.


  1. I love your furbabies! oh and your stitching

  2. Your kitties are so pretty!!! I love their little icebox. Stitching progress looks great!

  3. Awww, your kitties are adorable! I really like your Crazy stitching choices.

    I'm having a hard time with catching linen colors, too. I've also ordered linen on-line based on the color on the screen but have been disappointed with the actual color of the linen once it arrives. Let me know if you discover the trick of capturing the correct color!

  4. Great start on the Winter Sheep ornament!! It won't be long and you'll be finished with that one! And your kitties are so pretty...and to be honest, don't most kitties have a little "devil" in them? haha What a great idea to make a "cool room" for them in the summer time. I might just have to make one of them for ME!! LOL

  5. Love the kitty esky! :D Love the contents too, they're really cute :D You're doing well keeping up with the challenge, even if the frogs have attacked - congrats taking on the role of carer for Lee as well, that's really sweet of you.

  6. hehe -- all cats have a little devil in them.

    Good for you Libbie -- I think all dogs are trainable. I have found that when training a dog, the human must be smarter than said dog. If not, the dog is labelled "stubborn" or "untrainable" by said stupid human. Beagles are natural athletes and do well in agility - if you can keep their noses off the ground - generally.

    There's a beagle in this area that runs agility with nose to ground, baying the entire course. I don't know if he's following the other dogs' path or what -- very fun to watch.

  7. Adorable! How do they get along with the dogs?