Monday, January 3, 2011

And This Little Pig said Crazies Day 3

As Day 3 of the Crazies draw to a close... oh my sounds like Days of Our Lives :D

LHN Ornament Snowy Pines, I really enjoyed this one, but I have had a little more time, to stitch this evening.
What a difference a flash makes. Still don't think I have the colour of my linen quite right, but I will get there (fingers crossed) as me and the Nex-5 get more acquainted.

I must re-photograph Day 1 and 2. They are awfully yellow :(

Do you like my 'little pig'? I have been without my photo signature, as I have a virus in my home Windows computer (second time in six weeks), so have been operating on Mum's Mac or my Mac laptop. So I went for a surf today, and found a program called Pixelmator, and after much playing, I was able to come up with a new signature. Cute isn't he?


  1. Very nice pieces. I once thought I would like to live on a farm, that is until I read how hard the work is! Besides, i would fall in love with all the animals and would not want to see them "go". Love the signature.

  2. Love your new pig *and* your start! That one is on my wish list for someday after the challenge :-)

  3. Hello Libbye
    and thank You for visiting my blog.

    We both like the LHN patterns a lot ,I see.
    This Crazy January Challenge is so much fun and I love to see all the lovely patterns that Ladyes are stitching :)

  4. Very cute signature, that's great! Loving seeing all the LHN ornies - I really need to stitch those up myself :)

  5. That pig is so great idea =). Lovely start.