Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And This Little Pig said Crazies Day 5 + Cow-Day-Wednesday

Well it's Day 5 of the Crazies, I had a little trouble getting motivated tonight, but I forced myself :D to sit and stitch. So here is another LHN Ornament... Under the Tree.
I can't wait to get all of my Crazies started, so I can go back and do some finishes.

Also with the new year, and new camera, it is time re-instate my Cow-Day-Wednesday.

I love Jersey's we have two at home at Mum's and these boys were taking it easy today, before the sale.
And you know there is always time for a quick nap.
What a wise old face, on a young beast. Don't you just love the strips.
Until you tomorrow... Night... LiBBiE in Oz


  1. I love following what everybody is stitching for the challenge.... GO girl !!!

  2. Thanks Libbie for the link to the Midnight Garden.

    I see you are planning to do the winter sampler from Gracewood. Isn't it lovely? I thought about it but I have so many older patterns i want to stitch, I decided against it. I look forward to watching you stitch it.

  3. I am so glad you are posting the critters again! I love their expressions. Oh and about the chalenge...did I mention the critters .. lol

  4. Too, funny, Libbie! I'm thinking that about wanting to start finishing some things, too. Wasn't it just a few days ago that we were wanting to get started??? Do we have a short attention span? :-) Well, anyway, I'm sick today and I have permission from my husband to be lazy, so after my nap I think I'll watch a movie and stitch if I feel good enough. And I'll pick a *little* one to start, so maybe I can almost finish it. :-)

    BTW, I love your Jerseys!! They are such beautiful creatures!!