Thursday, October 20, 2011

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day Wednesday

OK I know it's Thursday, but it still must be Wednesday somewhere in the world? Right? OK just :@
Exciting day yesterday, I brought a cow for Mum, yep you heard me right a genuine cow, of the milking variety. A young Jersey girl, who will now be known as Alan! Maybe Alana. She was destine to go to the big cow dairy in the sky, but the local buyer (Alan) allowed me to take her, so she is staying at a family friends farm until the weekend, when Dad will come and pick her up.
The silly thing none of the Jersey's pictured above are her, they were in a different pen, and I just didn't see her until after she sold. Ever tried to pick a cow out of a pen of 50 or 60 cows? No? Fun with a capital F.
I did get to photograph a real superstar, I suppose he doesn't look it, does he?
First thing I noticed was his whiskers.
Then he started to come closer...
Reaching out to sniff the camera...
Actually kissing the camera!
Before giving me the classic pose for a young Angus bull, the come hither ladies, "I'm all bull!"

Yep as you can see I am just a little crazy :@ at times.

Seeya soon, with a stitching update.

LiBBiE in Oz :@


  1. hehheh join the club ...although I've not bought a cow yet heheheh :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Yep....typical bull, posing for the camera! LOL Looked a little like my DS as his whiskers are growing in at the moment. LOVE cow day!! Seriously, Libbie, I can't wait for Wednesdays! *Hugs*

  3. Love that you bought your mom a cow! Jersey cows are so pretty! Love the pictures!