Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And This Little Pig said I've Been Spammed!!

I go away for the long weekend, and come back to a blog full of spam, some idiot, trying to sell Nike Air Jordan or some such rot! Not the shoes just the divine individual who left me 59 comments all saying the one thing!

Will not put my comments on moderation... at the moment, if it happens again will have to seriously think about it.

Oh can someone tell me, do I have that word verification thingie, can't remember if I ticked it!

Had a great weekend, will post tomorrow or the next some pictures from "The Farm" along with some cross stitch progress, and my framed LHN Pumpkin Hollow Farm and CCN Pumpkin Cottage.

Seeya soon... LiBBiE in Oz :@


  1. I am leaving a comment to see if I do a word verification.

    Edit - I do have to do a word verify to leave this comment.

  2. Oh no! I have only had a few spam comments...You should have a word verification...will check.

  3. So sorry to hear of your spam problem...I hope you can fix it...can't wait for Cow Wednesday! *Hugs*