Tuesday, October 18, 2011

And This Little Pig said Pride and Prejudice

I love Pride & Prejudice, especially the BBC mini-series from 1995, starting Colin Firth............... oh sorry Mr Darcy was just walking through the trees after taking a dip in the lake, white shirt, wet... you get the picture, and the wonderful Jennifer Ehle as Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

One scene came vividly to life just recently, it is when the Lady Catherine de Bourgh, comes to confront Elizabeth on her engagement to Mr Darcy. The following quote will make perfect sense, once you have seen the pictures.

"There seemed to be a prettyish kind of little wilderness on one side of your lawn, I should be glad to take a turn in it."

This is not
a prettyish
kind of
little wilderness!
It is actually a kind of biggish wilderness! Can you see Meah?
But I can apparently grow magnificent Scotch thistle, as in some of them are over five feet high.
Love the little cobwebs on this one.
For those of you who couldn't find Meah, there she is, she was sort of impossible to find.
Now Lady Catherine de Bourgh would definitely not take a turn in my garden, but in my defence, we have had wonderful spring rain, which meant it was wet every weekend, and I was unable to mow, but now that daylight savings has started, I am finally getting on top of it! And soon I might just be able to let Meah and the Long Dogs up the back and be able to find them before Christmas :@

Seeya soon... LiBBiE in Oz


  1. LOL! Too bad there aren't prizes for the biggest weeds, huh? I'd win every time!!!

  2. Impressive thistles. Theweeds always seem to grow better than the plants in my garden too

  3. there is a saying about growing weeds and I can't remember it DOH ... those thistles look fantastic though :)huge garden you have there .. and hope you find the furbabies soon :) love mouse xxxx

  4. Aww...poor puppies, it must feel like a jungle to them! LOL I'm glad you pointed her out, I couldn't find her at all!! Love the Scottish thistles though, so pretty! *Hugs*