Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day-Wednesday, Crazies and a Finish with Lots of Photos

Yes I have been MIA or is that MIXS :@ so far behind, in everything. I did manage to get all my Crazies started and on the right day, it was a struggle, then fell in a big hole after that, and didn't want to see a needle or thread, more on that later.

Firstly yes Cow-Day-Wednesday, know I missed two. Beautiful and wet today, we were starting to get just a little dry again, and after so many years in drought, it doesn't take much dry weather for people to start to panic. And not a day for my good camera, so had to make do with the good old iPhone.
Wet, but not cold.
The little waves on the water troughs is from the force of the rain.
I snapped this fellow in the calf pens, don't you just love the wrinkles over his eyes?
Part of the reason I went into a little bit of a slump, this is part of a tea dye job gone wrong, and when I say part… try a piece of 32 count linen, that measures 24 x 32 inches for PSS The Flood, I hadn't realized a tea bag had broken, well leaked might be a better description. If it had been evenly distributed I might have been able to live with it, but it just looked 'dirty'. I will be able to salvage most of it, but it was so disheartening, the colour was perfect.
The second piece, no breakage or leaks this time. Twinings Classics Blackcurrant Scented tea.
Day 9 – LHN Ornaments 2011 No 8 Hallelujah
Day 10 – LHN Ornaments 2011 No 9 Joy & Peace – FINISHED!!!!
Day 11 – LHN Ornaments 2011 No 10 Snow in Love
Day 12 – LHN Ornaments 2011 No 11 Winter Forest
Day 13 – LHN Ornaments 2011 No 12 Good Tidings
Day 14 – LHN Warm Winter Woolens... And in the Year of the Dragon, my new scissors from Anita's Little Stitchers Heirloom Scissor Collection… I am so in trouble.
So So So in trouble, I've always resisted purchasing scissors, I have my plain old ordinary stork scissors, and a little pair of German scissors with green plastic handles, that would have to be over 20 years old, and I always thought these were the bee's knees, but nope they are nothing compared to these scissors… trouble.

Still have to photograph Day 15 – Plum Street Samplers The Flood, but it is started.

In case you are wondering why there is a puppy photo at the top of this post, no no new puppies, although I may have some exciting news in about seven weeks.

No the photo is of Podge 1 year ago today, you see I have been a bad mother, I realized tonight, that Podge was 1 year old two days ago… Oops, still don't think she realizes why she was just given and extra treat or two.

So far behind in my blog reading, and trying really hard to catch up :@

Catch you all later… LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Ouch on the dye job on the linen! Such a bummer! I love how the second piece came out. Love all your CJC projects. Great Cow Wednesday pics too. The cows must hate it when it rains so hard. Eeek! Puppies! Happy belated b'day to your pup!

  2. You've been busy and congrats on your finish! Yay :o)

    Oh yes, scissors are a terrible thing ;o)

    Give Podge a great big kiss from me and wish her Happy Birthday!

  3. ouchie re the tea dying ... hope things work out ok ... lovely wee cows and coo that rain ...
    happy birthday to podge and mmmmmmmmmmmmm scissors
    and way to go on all your starts and oooo a finish snuck in there too
    love mouse xxxxx

  4. I have missed cow Wednesdays. Glad that you are back. Those scissors are wonderful. Puppy's?

  5. The puppies and cows are so cute. I like the scissors. Such a shame about the tea dye.

  6. Oh Libbie, a year old already? They grow soooooo fast, when your back is turned!! I so love Cow Wednesday! Yep, I noticed last week there were no pics and I hoped everything was ok...what a day to take pictures of them though...whew! Sorry to hear of your catastrophe with the tea dyed fabric, but what a lovely shade the second time around! Can't wait to see the Plum Street Sampler!! Your onries look lovely and you finished the same one I did! Glad to see you posting again! Missed you!! *Hugs*