Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day-Wednesday

Cow-Day-Wednesday, has become Bull-Day :@
Only had time today to quickly snap one 'beast' and this boy certainly took my eye.
Can you tell why?

I have been so very slack... before Christmas, yep last year I won a giveaway held by Maggee - Stitching Devotee and with the Christmas mail it arrived in the new year, and WOW there was so much in that parcel, that it took three photos to take it all in. So many charts, designers and magazines I had not seen.
Thank you Maggee, I am looking forward to going through it again and again to pick some out to stitch.
Oh last week we more rain!!
Which was part of a big storm, and the pub across the road, every work place should have a pub across the road, we have two :@ Well one was struck by lightning.
The fire brigade along with some firemen... turned up, but there was so much rain, which was very heavy, there was thankfully no chance of fire, but the pubs, the butcher and the gourmet pizza shop still do not have phones or efpos.

Stitching update tomorrow.

Catch you all later... LiBBiE in Oz


  1. hello deary,
    it was raining here too but today it is sunny and nice..
    wow very lovely goodies..all of the charts are looking so cute..
    happy stitching..
    love xx

  2. Nice prize! That bull is quite something! Quite the spots on his face! Even around his eyes! Very distinctive! That's a bit scary about the pub across the way from your work. Good thing there wasn't a fire!

  3. That is some bull. Love his expression and horns.

  4. Wow! That's a lot of patterns and magazines to go through. Lucky you :o)

  5. we got gorgeous sunshine this morning ... gone a wee bit dull and grey here now so may be we will get rain now ??? nice moooo cows
    wow that was an awful nice goodie win wasn't it .... :)
    off to go and make a cuppa before going to get more milk .. t,t,f,n :) love mouse xxxxx

  6. What no stitching? That's just Bull! LOL (So sorry I couldn't resist! *giggle*) I look forward to Wednesdays so much!! Love the pictures, sorry to hear about the pub next door, whew, but so glad it wasn't you that was hit! That would be some smokin' bull then! Bull bar-be-que? Somebody stop me please! LOL Can't wait to see your stitching though! And what a package you got, I would be leafing through that for days! Congrats! *Hugs*