Monday, February 6, 2012

And This Little Pig said Oh Frog IT!!!

Yes you heard me the Frog has come to visit.
Firstly my dear friend Sue is home from China for a short visit, and see what she brought me a new pig. A very cheeky pig :@
Oh dear she had to frog it. LHN Warm Winter Woolens was going so well, all of the head of sheep done, along with the snowflakes. Out by one!!!
Even brought a tear to little pig's eye.
And again, forgot to mention that this is being stitched on part of my tea dye disaster.
Pretty sure she was laughing in this one.
 Oh it rained today... just a touch. Outside my office door.

Catch you all later... LiBBiE in Oz


  1. I hope the frogs go away and stay away :)

  2. Cute little pig, but I sure hope those frogs leave you alone now!

  3. Love this pig. Those frogs need to leave you alone.

  4. I know you had trouble with the tea dye, but I think the frabric looks really good. Your pig is just too cute! Here's hoping he brings you better luck!!!

  5. Great stitching...hmmm working out where your office is!

  6. ohhhh dear :( could say something stronger but too early for that .. and mmmm a slight bit of rain there ... and a cute piggie your friend got you :) love mouse xxxx

  7. Love that pig!!! How cute is it? SOrry you had to frog... that sucks. :(

  8. That has to be the cutest little pig ever, does he have a name?

  9. Oh no :o( Bad frog!

    Love your new addition :o)