Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day-Wednesday

Now what is that? If I just reach out and... whoa!
Maybe if I come at it from this side.
Nope definitely safer from back here, no clickie clickie sounds.
This is the fellow who drew my attention to this pen, walking down a lane, these boys were the last pen in the sale, and he literally would not stop staring at me. I opened a gate, dropped the gate chain, which made a big noise, but he just stood there and said "Come on I waiting for my photo!"
Oh not so sure about you... what do you mean whiskers... I'm too young to shave :@
What! Now you're down there... make up your mind woman.

It was a fun day today, it's not often that the first pen I stop at is it. Usually walk up and down, up and down, but these young boys just made it easy... that and it started to rain right after I took their photos :@

So happy Cow-Day-Wednesday, not much stitching going on, as I had a sale last Saturday, then we actually had a break in the rain on Sunday, so I managed to get 80% of my yard mowed, before I have to actually buy a herd of cows to keep the grass down. How much rain?
The was one morning last week on my way to work, the football field across the road, it's designed to do this, I must dig out the photo of the guy canoeing past the cross bar of the goal posts. After 8 years of drought we really don't want all that missed rain all at once. Not complaining, definitely not complaining. Just wet and humid, and the grass won't stop growing, so much for autumn :@

Catch you all later... LiBBiE in Oz


  1. They look so curious about you!

  2. What great pictures! These two are so cute and hilarious!! With the rain -- it seems it's either drought or flood these days, doesn't it? Sigh.

  3. The black and white guy is quite handsome.

  4. Cows are so photogenic, because they are such sticky beaks and come right up to you, and give you that wet nose wide-eyed look....I can almost smell them through you pictures

  5. It's Wednesday, time to stop by your blog and take a look at the newest pictures from the pen. Ah...just look at those boys!! I love the eye lashes on the black and white boy! But the red face is certainly charming too! Have I ever mentioned I LOVE Cow Wednesday?? I'm packing up my canoe, I have always wanted to go boating on a football field! LOL Stay high and dry, won't you?

  6. Thanks so much for your visit :-)
    Have a lovely week end my dear!!!