Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day-Wednesday

Well what a week, I can tell you, I haven't visited one blog :( Think I can actually count the number of stitches I have done in the past two weeks... well... 53... yep that's about it. This is my busy time of the year, but this is ridiculous. No time to take photos today, so had to fall back on my spare Cow-Day photos. BUT I did manage to clip a Spoodle :@ My friend Bev from my LNS fell and broke her hip four weeks ago, so between myself and another doggie friend we have been babysitting Alfie. Ooops no photos, but he went home at the weekend, and he was due for a clip when he came to us, so he had a 'shave' on Sunday. May not have been the best clip he has ever had, but he was neat, fairly tidy, and saved Bev money, looks like we are about to go into the Alfie clipping business.
Oh have been forgetting to tell you all, remember Alan the jersey cow we got for Mum last year, well she calved last weekend, or was it the weekend before... who knows :@ A boy we were hoping for a girl, but 'Jersey Boy' will not be going in anyones freezer, when he grows up he going to be a working bull on a dairy farm. Yes found him a lovely dairy to go to in a couple of months. Luckily 'Alan' is a good cow, and apparently his father is from a good milking like as well.

Now hopefully I will get a spare five minutes to photograph my small progress and the finish from a couple of weeks ago... who knows? I was so hoping to have up to six finishes before the end of March, but at this rate will be lucky to have four.

Catch you all later... hopefully... LiBBiE in Oz


  1. awwww lovely photos today .. and cooo well done on finding a new home for the wee calf :)
    and awwwww lovely that you are poochie sitting and hairdressing too .... love mouse xxxx
    ps let you off no stitchy photos ;)

  2. Poor friend! Ouch! Nice of you to dog sit and give the pup a shave too. And the calf -- so great that he will go to a working farm. Nice cow pics. The shadow on the first one looks like a hat. lol!

  3. Congrats to Alan! Where's the picture of the wee one? ;o)

  4. Hi Libbie, I'm sorry I didn't post earlier on your Cow Wednesday...I've been a wee bit usual the pictures are wonderful! I hope your friend is feeling better! I also wanted to let you know I'm giving you the Liebster Blog award and you can find out what that's all about on my blog! *Hugs*