Thursday, March 1, 2012

And This Little Pig said Guinea Fowl

Ah Guinea Fowl, you ask, what is a Guinea Fowl? Well this is a Guinea Fowl keet or chicken.
We have never had Guinea Fowl this light before, and white Guinea's are very rare in Australia. So what do you think blonde or pale chocolate?
A couple of younger keets from a different hatching, can't wait until they feather up, with fingers crossed.
Just what are you two up to? Yes yes I have white feathers on my wing, big deal! Well my little soon to have more feathers it is a bit deal.
Group of keets, 4 standard pearl grey, 2 cinnamon, and the pale one.
Checking out the next door neighbour.
Some more ducks, Welsh Harlequin's, this is momma duck, and on Christmas Eve just past she went very close to giving her life for her duckling (below) when a fox came to visit, and she (the fox was a female) managed to get her snot through the mesh, and snatch a piece of skin and feathers measuring 2 x 3" off her breast. It was very nasty, you could actually see her insides moving. The piece missing was too large to stitch, so we moved her, hubby and the ducklings (12) to an inside pen, sprayed with wound spray, and prayed... a lot. I couldn't get her to face me, but you really wouldn't even know what had happened, she has a very small dent, but that is it. Oh and that is hubby hiding behind her :@  and one of the ducklings.
Well I've educated you all enough for tonight :@ No stitching today, busy doing the month end. Maybe tomorrow, I really want to finish LHN Silent Night. Oh and posts three days in a row, whoa :@

Catch you all later... LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Wow, that's so scary about the duck! Thank goodness she's ok now. Whew! Love seeing the guinea fowl up close. They're pretty!

  2. Foxes are so determined to get their prey.I have given up keeping chickens now as we have so many foxes around.

  3. I always love visiting "your place" You are lucky I do not live close by, I'd pop over often.

  4. Thanks for the super snaps!!

  5. Great post with wonderful pics.

  6. Ooops, I was crazy busy yesterday and missed Cow Wednesday, (went back for a peek though...they have such cute faces, and I loved the tail swish too!), but lookie we have a new day? Duck Thursday? Thank heavens Mrs. Harlequin survived Mrs. Fox!! And where was Mr. Harlequin? Shouldn't he have been ready to lay down his life for his babies? Hmmmph! She is one brave Momma!! I'm so glad she survived, what a beauty! Can't wait to see your stitching...*Hugs*

  7. Oh how I miss the farm, when I see your pics I'm taken back to my girlhood days slopping about in my wellies, feeding the turkeys and rubbing the pigs' backs with a stick while the grunted in glee...
    Glad the vixen didn't get Mrs Harlequin! She's a fighter!
    Best wishes

  8. Lovely birds! Are your cinnamons pink eyed? or black eyed? I'm after some black eyed cinnamons.