Friday, June 29, 2012

And This Little Pig said Life and an iPhone

Well how's your life been lately? This about sums mine up. Came back from the yards on Wednesday (sorry no CowDay photos) and the boss says, 'I've got some bad news for you, I broke your coffee cup.' My fav coffee mug! Brought if a couple of years ago. Do you know how hard it is to get a blue reindeer coffee mug at Christmas? And it was perfect, just the right curve on the lip. Well it's gone... maybe not, thinking of gluing it back together and putting it on the bosses bookshelf :@
No life hasn't been that hard really, just very busy, and with the tax time upon us in Australia, life is insane, but look at this pretty photo, Cotton Field taken with iPhone, while driving, no I wasn't the driver.
Mistress Splinter, yes that is her name giving her Indian Runner Duck impersonation. Splint was one of quins, yep 5, the only girl, and she was like a little splinter of wood.
Coming to work yesterday morning, lovely old vintage car, and American, as we sit on the right when driving.
Haven't seen much of the Long Dogs lately, have photos just haven't put them up. L to R Evie, Podge and Quincy. In their bed, enjoying the winter sun.
Evie and Podge, mother and daughter, they look so alike these days, thankfully Podge is more cream than tan, she has also lost all that white that was on her chest.
Never in a million years would I have got this shot if I was trying to!

Well there you go, a very quick update, all photos with the wonders of iPhone :@ No stitching, looks like it's gonna be a busy lead up to Christmas, only have three, no could be four finishes for my Crazy, and have touched my big piece since I started it in January... Ouch.

Seeya soon... LiBBiE in Oz (fingers crossed)


  1. Sorry about your mug. :( Such a bummer. Looove your cute doggies!!! I love long dogs! We had one when I was little. They are adorable! Sorry life is so busy!

  2. I wondered where you have been. Glad everything is going well. Love the pics of the Long Dogs!

  3. So very sorry about your mug - I know how it is to loose one that you like.... I'll keep and eye out for another on my travels through the shops. Great snaps of the hounds!!!

  4. Oh no :o(

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures of the long dogs! Thank you for posting them and making me smile :o)

  5. Ohh boy ... so sorry your favorite mug is broken !!

    I love those pictures of the dogs, they are so cute :-)