Monday, July 16, 2012

And This Little Pig said Finally!

Finally I seem to have my stitching mojo back, but don't uncross those fingers just yet :@ one good weekend is a start.

First that is my Meah at the top of this post, my very spoilt dog, I was in so much trouble after my post last month, no photo's of her Royal Highness Princess Meah or Moo or Mooey as she is often called. So a hunt through photos found these taken back in February just after mowing the lawn. There are a lot of Long Dog photos, but I have been informed by she who must be obeyed, that while I can show photos with the plebes in them, She must be the centre of attention. They will be at the bottom of this post.

Stitching Mojo, I had a great weekend, firstly it was my birthday on Friday, yes a Black Friday, but I'm used to these, try being 13 on Friday the 13th :@. Spent the day at work, by myself, fielding phone calls and really not doing much. (Hope the boss doesn't read my blog). Saturday, I went down to my LNS 'Busy Needles' and spent the morning with the beautiful Bev, putting the border fabric on a quilt that has been finished for five months. Then bundled it up and arranged to be pick-up for quilting. Will show you it when it comes back.

Saturday afternoon, finished off the washing and housework, boring but a necessity. Saturday night, was restless, nothing on TV and cold, couldn't find a decent book to read, so settled in to watch a DVD. Still not happy. Oh cross stitch, but my Crazy bag was out in the car. Cold. Ahh my Little House Needleworks Family Sampler was in the cupboard!
Photo taken in December 2010, I should be ashamed! I had done some more since this was taken, windows finished, door done, and a little bit more brickwork, but not much. Didn't realise how yellow it looked.
Photo taken today, house finished! Changed colour of door, to a dark green, think I will change it again, not sure if I like it? Really happy with progress, but in reality I should have trekked out to the car and done some Crazy stitching.
Crazy finish number four, LHN Ornament of Month 2011, Cardinal Winter, finished 31 May 2012.
Crazy progress, LHN Ornament of Month 2011, Bringing Home the Tree. Will have to put aside the Family Sampler and work on my Crazies, maybe I'll rotate them. Don't mess with the mojo, if it want's Family Sampler, that is what it's gonna get.
Meah and Podge, so close, yet...
... So far, these two photo's were taken seconds apart, poor Quincy brining up the rear, Meah had wrong footed her when she grabbed the toy. Meah is usually I may be half your weight, and while you have long bodies, I have longer legs, as she sprints away with the toy.

Well so happy to see that my crafting mojo may be returning. Now to catch up on everyone's blogs, so here's to seeing everyone again soon, with more updates.

Catch you all later... LiBBiE in Oz

PS Seriously could I have used any more labels :@


  1. Beautiful stitching and happy pups! Both are so sweet!
    Glad your mojo is back, i need to find mine :(

  2. Yay! Glad to see you're stitching and blogging again! Great pictures of your dogs, as always. :)

  3. Oh my gosh, your dogs are so cute!!! I love the pics of them! Great stitching too! Congrats on the ornie finish! Glad you've got your stitching mojo back. Happy belated birthday!! Looking forward to seeing that quilt!

  4. Nice to see your blog again. The pooches look like they really had fun. Nice progress on the Family sampler...

  5. Love the dogs ;) It's only natural to have them as the centre of attention isn't it haha.

    Great progress on the sampler! Looks like lots of time went into it over the weekend.

    Happy Stitching!


  6. So good to see you back, Melissa! Love the picture of your little guys!!

  7. I have never seen a photo of Meah. So very cute. Glad to see that the mojo is coming back.

  8. Even though you didn't want to work on it, you made some great progress. The door looks fine to me! I have the Cardinal pattern, I'm pretty sure. I'm running out of time once again to have it ready for Christmas. Glad you found your mojo and stopped playing favorites with the dogs!!