Thursday, July 26, 2012

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day on a Thursday

I meant to post yesterday, honestly I did, but I clean forgot. Silly me :@ Don't that look like a group of naughty school boys, saying 'It wasn't me, honest.'
Two of my loves, Brahmans, and bellowing calves.
Long face and loopy ears
Old man waiting on his master, and taking a quick snooze.
Macaroons! The lovely Cassie from the Saleyards, made these for me as a belated birthday gift.
They were scrumptious, and didn't last long in the office :@
Meah helping me stitch the other night, she wasn't all that happy at be woken to have her photo taken, iPhones are wonderful things.

Off to do some stitching.

See you next time... LiBBiE in Oz


  1. a very sweet post..
    have a lovely day dear xx

  2. Great pictures! The macaroons look scrumptious! I agree about iPhones -- I take so many pics with mine! Love the pic of Meah. (Is her name pronounced like Mia????)

  3. Cows a great any day you post! I just love their expressions....

  4. Love the cow pictures...I'm sorry I've not been here lately, happy belated birthday! Those macaroons look scrummy!! *Hugs*

  5. Those macaroons look really good. Meah didn't look happy at all about the picture taking but she shouldn't complain. You could show more of the long dogs.

  6. Hugs to you and Meah! It looks like she takes her assistant job very seriously :)