Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And This Little Pig said NO Cow-Day But Cowgirl and Cowboy... Oh Boy

So sorry to disappoint you, but no Cows today :@ But something equally as special.
Firstly very very very tired, and as the above photo shows, my cousin Lynda and I went to see Mr Tim McGraw and Miss Faith Hill in concert last night in Sydney, and did not get home until 2am this morning! Up at 5.30am, at work by 7am, and really should be in bed. Was so tired today, that after the cattle were weighed, and while waiting for the other agents to finish, put my head down in the back office and had a 15 minute cat-nap :@

So our fabulous night, we liked our seats, and of course wish we could have been closer, first tier, great angle to the stage and best of all no-one directly behind us. Well we danced, sang, screamed and whistled. We had to! The people in the same row as us (women) just sat their, arms folded, hardly clapped, one girl even texted all night. Seriously... very seriously why pay good money to go if you are not going to enjoy yourselves. So Lynda and I made it our mission to make up for them :@

Did manage to get a few photos, distance was a problem, and the flashing lights made it very difficult, but thank you God for big screens. Enjoy! We DID!
Support act was The Eli Young Band, very good, and I used them to practice taking photos.
The very beautiful Faith Hill. Love the above photo.
Do I need to tell you who this is... Mmmm, a fine specimen of a man, and as Lynda said those jeans had holes and tears in all the right places :@
Singing together
Then dancing
A final goodbye
So again, no stitching, as in absolutely none, maybe tomorrow, or the coming weekend, will tell you all about last weekend and the rest of this week at a later time.

Catch you all later... LiBBiE in Oz

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day-Wednesday

Well what a week, I can tell you, I haven't visited one blog :( Think I can actually count the number of stitches I have done in the past two weeks... well... 53... yep that's about it. This is my busy time of the year, but this is ridiculous. No time to take photos today, so had to fall back on my spare Cow-Day photos. BUT I did manage to clip a Spoodle :@ My friend Bev from my LNS fell and broke her hip four weeks ago, so between myself and another doggie friend we have been babysitting Alfie. Ooops no photos, but he went home at the weekend, and he was due for a clip when he came to us, so he had a 'shave' on Sunday. May not have been the best clip he has ever had, but he was neat, fairly tidy, and saved Bev money, looks like we are about to go into the Alfie clipping business.
Oh have been forgetting to tell you all, remember Alan the jersey cow we got for Mum last year, well she calved last weekend, or was it the weekend before... who knows :@ A boy we were hoping for a girl, but 'Jersey Boy' will not be going in anyones freezer, when he grows up he going to be a working bull on a dairy farm. Yes found him a lovely dairy to go to in a couple of months. Luckily 'Alan' is a good cow, and apparently his father is from a good milking like as well.

Now hopefully I will get a spare five minutes to photograph my small progress and the finish from a couple of weeks ago... who knows? I was so hoping to have up to six finishes before the end of March, but at this rate will be lucky to have four.

Catch you all later... hopefully... LiBBiE in Oz

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day-Wednesday

Hello my name is Bailey.
Look, look, look, looking away.
They are not crocodile tears, my mum, they left mum behind! What do you mean I'm grown up! I'm not!
Horns of wisdom and fluffy ears

Today was a sad day our young trainee auctioneer is leaving and this was his last sale day. His wife has had a transfer interstate, we will be sorry to see him go :(

So only a short post I do have another finish, I just have to photograph, maybe tomorrow. A lot going on at the moment, and have been very busy, and not much time to spend checking out everyone's blog, and think I am starting to go into withdrawal :@

Catch you all later... LiBBiE in Oz

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day-Wednesday

Now what is that? If I just reach out and... whoa!
Maybe if I come at it from this side.
Nope definitely safer from back here, no clickie clickie sounds.
This is the fellow who drew my attention to this pen, walking down a lane, these boys were the last pen in the sale, and he literally would not stop staring at me. I opened a gate, dropped the gate chain, which made a big noise, but he just stood there and said "Come on I waiting for my photo!"
Oh not so sure about you... what do you mean whiskers... I'm too young to shave :@
What! Now you're down there... make up your mind woman.

It was a fun day today, it's not often that the first pen I stop at is it. Usually walk up and down, up and down, but these young boys just made it easy... that and it started to rain right after I took their photos :@

So happy Cow-Day-Wednesday, not much stitching going on, as I had a sale last Saturday, then we actually had a break in the rain on Sunday, so I managed to get 80% of my yard mowed, before I have to actually buy a herd of cows to keep the grass down. How much rain?
The was one morning last week on my way to work, the football field across the road, it's designed to do this, I must dig out the photo of the guy canoeing past the cross bar of the goal posts. After 8 years of drought we really don't want all that missed rain all at once. Not complaining, definitely not complaining. Just wet and humid, and the grass won't stop growing, so much for autumn :@

Catch you all later... LiBBiE in Oz

Thursday, March 1, 2012

And This Little Pig said Guinea Fowl

Ah Guinea Fowl, you ask, what is a Guinea Fowl? Well this is a Guinea Fowl keet or chicken.
We have never had Guinea Fowl this light before, and white Guinea's are very rare in Australia. So what do you think blonde or pale chocolate?
A couple of younger keets from a different hatching, can't wait until they feather up, with fingers crossed.
Just what are you two up to? Yes yes I have white feathers on my wing, big deal! Well my little soon to have more feathers it is a bit deal.
Group of keets, 4 standard pearl grey, 2 cinnamon, and the pale one.
Checking out the next door neighbour.
Some more ducks, Welsh Harlequin's, this is momma duck, and on Christmas Eve just past she went very close to giving her life for her duckling (below) when a fox came to visit, and she (the fox was a female) managed to get her snot through the mesh, and snatch a piece of skin and feathers measuring 2 x 3" off her breast. It was very nasty, you could actually see her insides moving. The piece missing was too large to stitch, so we moved her, hubby and the ducklings (12) to an inside pen, sprayed with wound spray, and prayed... a lot. I couldn't get her to face me, but you really wouldn't even know what had happened, she has a very small dent, but that is it. Oh and that is hubby hiding behind her :@  and one of the ducklings.
Well I've educated you all enough for tonight :@ No stitching today, busy doing the month end. Maybe tomorrow, I really want to finish LHN Silent Night. Oh and posts three days in a row, whoa :@

Catch you all later... LiBBiE in Oz